Summary: This message reveals sin in a little different way.


Romans 7:7-25

(Begin with the skit – “Do Not Touch” – chair)

1. What is it about being told “not to” that cause us to “want to?” For some, reason, just the knowledge that we are not supposed to do “a thing” is enough to motivate us to “do it”.

2. As children, we remember the old “dare you” game. Better yet, it was the “double-dog dare you” that got most of us. Think about that. We cannot explain what a “double dog dare” is, and yet it held huge sway over almost every person in this building. The pressure was more than one could bear. When someone dared us, it mattered not if ‘the act’ was right or wrong, good or bad, or if we even WANTED to do it or not, now it was a matter of pride, ego, mixed with determination. What was that about?

3. The teaching of Paul, in our text, reminds that this truth has been alive throughout the ages. From the time the law was given it has seemed that humankind’s default behavior was to break the law. Paul even suggests that the law excited, aroused, and certainly displayed our inner propensity to sin.

4. Sin. Let’s think about sin for a time. Most of us don’t really use the word, may not consider the concept, probably have a limited definition of it, and really have come to think of sin in the past tense. That is, it used to be a big deal—but not anymore.

5. Not too many years ago, I remember hearing someone, who claimed to be a believer, say this, “I’m so tired of hearing about sin. Everyone makes mistakes, nobody’s perfect.” While the last 2/3 of this statement may be true, the thought behind this statement is nothing but secular humanism at its best, or worst.

6. It was sin that sent Jesus to the cross. History records that He died a painful, bloody, and humiliating death; and the reason He died was for sin. For this reason and more, we need to understand sin.

7. Have you ever defined sin? May I suggest that sin is “breaking God law or word” and/or “disobeying God’s will.” Yet today, many believers flirt with sin, play with sin, wink at sin, and even sin intentionally. Why? Because they think, “It’s no big deal. No one got hurt so it’s no thing.”

8. The Bible teaches us in Galatians 6, “Don’t be deceived. God will not be mocked. For whatever YOU sow, that YOU will reap. If you sow sin, then you will reap the consequences.” From the text, consider a few things:


9. SIN IS A PREDATOR – Have you ever given any thought to the predatory nature of sin? Think about it. An alligator lays in wait for his prey to come close enough to devour. A snake will charm the bird, squirrel, or rabbit until it’s too late for escape. A hawk is known for its speed in flying down, picking up its prey, and carrying it off to devour it at a later time. Predators watch their prey and strike when unexpected. (illustrate)

10. Verse 13 says, “Sin (the predator) seizes the opportunity.” The word seizes literally means ‘takes advantage’, ‘takes or finds an occasion’, and/or takes the opportunity’”. What a predator! It finds us when we are not expecting it, don’t have our guard up, and are not watching, and carries us away.

11. James knew this concept when he wrote, “Each person is tempted when he is carried away by his own evil desires.” You see, temptation doesn’t give us the desire to do wrong; it only hit’s our hot button.

12. For years I have preached that Satan knows our weakness and he knows when we are weakest, the accompanying truth is that he will exploit us as only a predator can.

13. In the USA we now attempt to protect our children from Sexual Predators. We have the “Registered Offenders List” available online to everyone. When an individual is convicted of a sexual crime they are required by law to register their address. This list was begun in an effort to protect our society from the ongoing tragedy of abuse and death. The intent was to identify people who would harm our children so that we can keep them away from those individuals.

14. I guess I wonder why we don’t do this in this matter of sin. Today we see to be afraid to call sin by its name. If adultery WAS sin, it still IS sin. If fornication WAS sin, it still IS sin. If gossip WAS sin, it still IS sin. If stealing WAS sin, it still IS sin. If homosexuality WAS sin, it still IS sin.

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