Summary: A must-have knowledge for everyone.

Good understanding about the future evil days

keeps us aware and strengthens our conviction to stay

firm on the right path. The Bible is the only reliable

Book that guides us on how to walk pleasing to God.

Man-made philosophies of life are not reliable and

always lead a carnal mind to more wickedness and

foolishness. Without the Scriptures, we strongly

believe that no man can find his way to the right


Man’s deepening involvement in the affairs of

the world brings him to a new and more dangerous stage

of spiritual deterioration. We may not be aware, but

every time we sink into sin, our old man always

surfaces and soars up to a new height of carnality.

What a sad moment when a Christian is trapped in the

devil’s snare unaware because of lack of Bible


Our Lord Jesus said, “And because iniquity shall

abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” The

worsening condition of our troubled world affects our

lives in different ways. Those who love the things of

the world will stay in love with the world. Those who

love the Word will stay in love with the Lord. Men of

faith and men of wisdom always choose to love the

Word and abide in the Lord. In times of uncertainties,

the safest life on earth is a life lived in the center

of God’s will.

As we perceive the coming evil days, we could

also see and come to realize the importance of Paul’s

epistle to Timothy. We clearly see the great advantage

of a Scripture-guided young man engaged in the battle

for truth. Knowing the Scriptures at an early age led

this young man to a deeper understanding of the Word

of God, and eventually to a remarkable life filled

with wisdom.

Before it’s too late, we believers must be doing

a great preparation in order to face with courage and

strength the coming evil days. The best start is to

learn from the Bible the needful things we must know.

Bible knowledge is a must-have of every Christian.

Important things to be considered as we prepare

ourselves to stand firm on the side of Truth:

(I) The Last Days

-Perilous times II Timothy 3:1

It is always a blessing for us

to see a glimpse of future

events through the Bible.

(II) The Evil Fruits

Of Self-centeredness

II Timothy 3:2-9

(III) The Persecution

Of Godly Christians

II Timothy 3:10-12

There are degrees of

persecution in the believers’

lives. Carnal believers suffer

less persecution than spiritual


(IV) The Importance

Of The Scriptures

II Timothy 3:14-17

-Excellent foundation

-Give the best knowledge

we need

-For reproof

-For correction

-For instruction

Without the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word

of God, we cannot stand the test of evil days.

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