Summary: This sermon helps pastors to look at their churches vision and see where you’re headed


PROV. 29:18


Vision is a prophetic vision or revelation in KJV

A spiritual understanding

A word picture of where we are going

Webster says vision is The power of sight; the ability to see;

An image created in the imagination; a supernatural appearance.

I want to look at Prov. 29:18 from 2 angles

1. On vision of where we are going/who we are

2. With no revelation/understanding people perish

Let’s look at this verse in the New Living Translation

When the people do not accept divine guidance, they run

wild. But who ever obeys the law is happy. (NLT)


I want you to think on this for a moment

What do you see for us as a church

Do you see the vision of our new building?

Let me encourage you drive by the land

You will see the sign future home of FBC

Dream of what God can do there

Our vision statement is

First Baptist Church exist to help believers

Grow in Christ, to reach out to the lost, to

minister to those around us, to worship God

With all our hearts and to develop strong

Families and a strong church of Christ

unified in the love.

I want you to think on this,

* Grow believers

* Win the lost

* Minister to those around us

* Worship God

* Develop strong families

* Develop strong unified church

When I went Louisville last week to the outreach conference

I was encourage to think a lot on our vision statement and

To make it known, and as I think of where we are as a church

Going into this new building campaign, I believe it’s vitally

Important to know who we are and why we exist. So today

We will walk thru our vision statement and compare with

Prov. 29:18

1. Believers growing

this is in discipleship

this is in Bible teaching

this is following Thus saith the Lord

are we seeing believers growing?

2. Reaching to the lost

this is part of our mission

are we doing it?

where is the fruit?

Jesus said we would be known by our fruit

Pick up on the excitement of the youth from their conf.

3. Minister to those around us

meeting the physical/spiritual need

Jesus cares for the poor/needy/afflicted/hungry

Do we have the compassion of Jesus?

4. Worship God

worship is more than preaching/music

Isaiah 6 shows it ends with service

Have we cried out here I am send me

Again all apart of our vision

5.Build strong families

this is what will build the strong church

teach them from a baby to be in church

lets go back to God’s plan for the family

6. Build a stronger church unified in Christ

Unified to reach the lost

unified to do what it takes

just doing our vision ought to show you the need of

our new building, with reaching capacity on any average

Sunday, and we start reaching out, God will send in and

where would we go with them?

today is week one in our campaign, seeing the

need to build.


with vision being an open revelation and if we don’t

share it who will?

are you sharing your faith?

I Sam. 3:1 & Romans 10:14-17

I believe we need a fresh look at our vision for

With out we will focus on materialistic and people

will perish in front of us


The early church experienced growth because of Acts 2:42

What about us lets dare to be different and obedient

Dare to dream of what God can do

Dare to follow Him

And we will truly also see Ephesians 3:20-21

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