Summary: This begins a series on faith by looking at unforgivness as a hinderence to faith


Part One


Adapted from a message by Bruce Shields

Mark 11:20-26

September 17, 2006

Broadway Baptist Church

Rev Dan Bauder


This morning we are starting a series on a subject that has been sorely misunderstood. I’m talking about faith. Over the next several weeks you will see from the Word of God what faith is, why faith is lacking in the lives of many believers, and what God can and will do when His children walk by faith.

I. WHAT IS FAITH? (Read Hebrews 11:1)

A. Stepping out in faith goes beyond pure reason (Read Isa 55:8-9)

1. Some of the excuses churches use that show their lack of faith are:

a. “We’re just a small country church “ (When a preacher friend of mine began to present ministry opportunities that seemed to ambitious he was told by the chairman of deacons,” Preacher, this was a small country church when you got here and it will still be a small country church when you leave)

b. “We can’t afford it” (A church who gives this excuse is a church who really doesn’t believe God will provide)

c. “We’ve never done it that way before.” This comes from our resistance to change.

B. Faith is more than a strong belief. It’s a relationship with Jesus

1. You can’t have biblical faith apart from a personal relationship with Jesus.

a. Men can and will fail us but Jesus never will.


A. The problem with the Faith movement

1. Misunderstanding of what faith is

2. Lack of grace.

a. Christians generally shoot their wounded.

b. We need to remember, but for the grace of God go I


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