Summary: Fulfilling God's purpose requires our response, our involvement, our faith and our unity.

Joshua was called to succeed Moses and lead the people of God into the Promised Land.

• His task would require him to rally the people together and fight their way into Canaan.

• This, of course, would not be easy and Joshua felt it. God came to assure him.

God made TWO emphasis: (1) His presence WITH him and (2) His promise FOR him.

• Joshua needs to be sure of these. They are the basis for his success.

• It is not going to be how big the difficulty is but how firm is his trust in God and His promise.

• Joshua must not lean on his leadership, his experience, his resources, or his battle plans to bring him success. His faith must be in God and God alone.

We will be able to overcome the challenges of life because of our faith in God.

• It will never be about the difficulties we face, because God will see us through.

• If you heart is set right – on God – everything else will fall into the right place.

• If your heart is somewhere else, you will be afraid, unhappy, worried, discouraged and bitter in life.

It starts with the heart. If you check your heart, you will likely find the causes for your defeat or success.

• When Joshua’s heart was set right, he is ready to go. God has spoken.

• From the PROMISE to its FULFILMENT, there is still a long way. But it will be accomplished, just as God said.

I want to share on what is required from the PROMISE to the FULFILMENT of God’s promise.

• It will take the commitment of time, hard work, sacrifices and even some pain, in order for them to reach the goal of occupying the land.

• What does it take to fulfil God’s purpose? What does it take realise God’s plan for our lives today?

God’s will is done when we are willing to RESPOND to His call, be INVOLVED in His work, put our FAITH in Him and stay UNITED until the end.

Fulfilling God’s Purpose requires (1) OUR RESPONSE

Once Joshua was assured, he acts. 1:10 “SO Joshua ordered the officers of the people…”

• The word SO (or THEN in some versions) is important. It links from what is before. Joshua responded to what God said. He starts to direct and organise the people.

• He understood God’s will and he obeyed. It wasn’t his plan, nor was it even his predecessor Moses’ idea. Joshua simply submitted to God’s plan.

This is the prerequisite to enjoying God’s best – be willing to obey.

• God does not say to you, “I'll show you my will and then you can decide if it is good or bad.”

• When God states His will, it is not for us to talk about it, discuss it, or bring it up to the board meeting and vote on it.

• God reveals His will, it is for man to obey. We are called to respond.

The people responded to what God promised and in the next few chapters we see them take steps to conquer the land.

• They were driven by God’s will for their lives.

• Why do they take it up, when it was so tough? They knew it was God’s best for them. They were driven by God’s purpose for them.

Ours is a PUROSE-driven life - God’s purpose-driven life. Always remember this.

• We can have many admirable aspirations in life; we can set goals for our careers, our studies, for self-improvements, for a better life…

• But remember, there is an overarching goal that permeates all these sub-goals, and dominant goal is the will of God.

• We are called to do the will of God and accomplish God’s purposes on earth.

If you are driven by God’s purpose, you will do whatever it takes.

• Let God’s purpose drives you. Let God’s will defines your life.

Fulfilling God’s Purpose requires (2) OUR INVOLVEMENT

God’s purpose will not be fulfilled accidentally. It does not come to pass through fate or the “sovereignty of God”.

• Nothing is automatic. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

• Joshua needs to act. He needs to organise the people. The officers must get the supplies packed. And the people must prepare to make the move in 3 days.

• We are very involved in the fulfilment of God’s will. It takes commitment.

This may come as a surprise to some. They expected God to do everything, and they do nothing. Some think that God do half and we do half (it’s a cooperation).

• The correct picture is not “God does some and we do some.” It is “God does all, and we do all.” It is ALL of God, and also ALL of us!

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