Summary: Unity is you and I knowing why we are to be one for God’s glory.

Unity is U ‘n I Knowing Why

Ephesians 4:1-16

Unity is an interesting word. It is based on the word unit that means one entity. Think about that. You could say that unity is unit with the “y”. Did you get it? I believe that Unity is you and I knowing why we do things. Knowing why allows us and enables us to be a unit for God’s use. Isn’t it easier for us to use one object at a time? Therefore, it is important for us to have unity in the church so that God can use us more readily. Let me explain.

First, unity comes from our _________. (walk) 1-3

A. We are to walk with all humility.

B. We are to walk with all gentleness.

C. We are to walk with patience.

D. We are to walk in love.

E. We are to work hard at maintaining unity in the bond of peace.

F. Doesn’t these sound like the fruit of the Spirit of Galatians 5:22

Second, unity comes from holding things in ____________. (common) 4-6

A. We must be on the same page with our goals.

B. The Disciples only goal was spreading the gospel.

C. We may have differences of opinions, but we must come together on certain things.

D. One body—

E. One Spirit—

F. One hope—

G. One Lord—

H. One faith—

I. One baptism—

J. One God—

Third, unity comes from our functioning in the body according to our ______________. (giftedness) 7-12

A. Each of us has been given at least one spiritual gift.

B. The saints have to be equipped for the work of service.

C. Only three things can happen in a church—either the saints are not equipped so they cannot serve properly or they are equipped, but never serve, or they are equipped and they build up the body.

D. We are to use our gifts to build up the body. It’s like weightlifting.

Fourth, unity comes when we decide to no longer be _____________. (children) 13-16

A. Verse thirteen is rich in meaning. As we build the body, we build ourselves into a mature Christian. We have a unity of belief that gives us a mature knowledge of Christ, which should make what Christ expects and deserves.

B. Paul says that we should grow up in all respects to Christ. We should be like Him—the express image of Him.

C. Christ is working in us, causing growth, so that we are building up the church in love.

John Stott wrote, “Paul sets before us the picture of a deepening fellowship, an eagerness to maintain visible Christian unity and to recover if it is lost, an active, every-member ministry and a steady growth into maturity by holding the truth in love. We need to keep this biblical ideal clearly before us. Only then shall we live a life that is worthy of it.”

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