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Unity vs. Disunity

One grasshopper seems insignificant as it leaps across the lawn. But when it joins forces with other grasshoppers, the resulting swarm can soon devour all the vegetation in its path.

Grasshoppers demonstrate the power of community. What they cannot do by themselves, they can accomplish together. In the book of Proverbs, the wise man Agur observed, "The locusts have no king, yet they all advance in ranks" (30:27).

We can learn a lesson from these little creatures. Believers can make far greater advances for Christ’s cause when they act and pray together than they could ever make alone. When Christians are united in serving the Lord, they can become a mighty force for God.

Written on the town hall in Basel, Switzerland, are these words: “Where unity is there God lives.”

1 All God’s People Have A Common Cause

- All were agreed all were involved

- Note names & numbers given

v. 2 - Leaders

v. 3-19 Families

v. 20-35 Communities

v. 36- 29 Priests

v. 40-42 Ministers (Levites, singers, gatekeepers)

v. 43-58 Servants

v. 59-61 Non-members (no record)

2. Putting Self-Interest First Reduces Our Potential

v.1- No longer a nation but province of Babylon

- No longer tribes but families and villages

3. Selfish Interest Discourages Others

The orchestra is in full swing. The conductor is whipping himself into a frenzy of zeal and enthusiasm. But who is that approaching him? It is a member of his orchestra, the one who plays the triangle.

He is speaking to the conductor. “Do you mind if I go home now—I’ve come to the end of my part of the score.”

- Your action/reaction effects others

- How different from leaving Egypt - All went

- Now only a portion - Not seeing the glory of God -1:4

4. Doing Nothing Is A Sin Against The Lord

v.70 - Dwelt in their cities

- Un-involvement is not the answer

5. Seeking The Good Of Others Brings Glory To God

- v, 68-69 - some italicize

- When all are agreed there is harmony & willingness

6. Seeking God’s Work Results In Blessing

- Our purpose is to bring glory to Christ

- Have you hurt someone?

- Have you made it right?

1672 Blest Be The Ties That Bind

In 1765 John Fawcett was called to pastor a very small congregation at Wainsgate, England. He labored there diligently for 7 years, but his salary was so meager that he and his wife could scarcely obtain the necessities of life. Though the people were poor, they compensated for this lack by their faithfulness and warm fellowship.

Then Dr. Fawcett received a call from a much larger church in London, and after lengthy consideration decided to accept the invitation. As his few possessions were being placed in a wagon for moving, many of his parishioners came to say good-bye. Once again they pleaded with him to reconsider.

Touched by this great outpouring of love, he and his wife began to weep. Finally Mrs. Fawcett exclaimed, “O John, I just can’t bear this. They need us so badly here.” “God has spoken to my heart, too!” he said. “Tell them to unload the wagon! We cannot break these wonderful ties of fellowship.”

This experience inspired Fawcett to write a hymn. “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love! The fellowship of kindred mind is like to that above.”

—H. G. Bosch

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