Summary: What we expect is not always what is expected

Grace to you and peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

A parable …

Each day, a very poor and aged widow would have trouble getting up and getting dressed. So the women helping her would bring her their trinkets from home in order to make her look better since she had very little. This would lift the spirits of the poor widow and as time went on, it became easier and easier for the widow to arise. But each day, the widow would look in the mirror and wonder, to herself, where she had stored those things that she thought were hers, for she did not remember having them. She just assumed that they were hers.

Here ends the parable.

A quick note about this passage. In Jewish customs, of the day, a wedding would go on for seven days. The groom’s father would be expected to feed all those who attended for the entire time. If the father ran out of food or wine, it would have had a very real negative effect on the futures of the bridge and groom. They would have been shamed forever.

There is also the parable, the parable of the lamp under a bushel, that speaks to this passage too because they’re both related to the other concerning the things that happen to us without us even knowing but that the workings of another has a direct impact on what will come next in our own lives.

That being said, every day that I live and breathe, I’m always at a wonder as to why I get to be the one to do what it is that I do. Walk with you folks. Some days, I’m confronted with problems within and without my own family and life and then on those days it’s hard to be thankful for what I’m blessed with. But then, on most days, I remember that this is what I’m called to do and it’s with great enjoyment that I get to be here. I’m a little bit in awe of the many times that I’ve looked back and have seen God and Christ at work. I see firsthand how His work and His gifts are working in the lives of people around me and in the things that have gone on.

It’s the behind the scenes, the areas that you and me don’t get the privilege of viewing, that seem to be what pops up out of nowhere when we least expect it. And it’s those things that we aren’t even aware of that makes life seem just a little bit more enjoyable on most occasions. But what we do, this moment, this day, has an impact on what will happen next.

For instance, how many times have you been going down the road only to see an accident in front of you? Have you ever stopped and wondered if you had left just 10 minutes earlier, would you also be in that accident? Or how about the time that you were trying to make a decision and after many times going back and forth, the decision that you made turned out to be just the ideal one even though you may have had second thoughts about it? Or maybe as you watch your kids grow up, you just know that what they are fixin to do is gonna land them right smack dab into trouble but you let them do it anyways – and they survived?

In our Gospel, we invariably go to the part after Jesus turned the water into wine without looking at the event just prior to that. Performing the miracle in the backroom. Where no one except the servants could see. Can you imagine the look on their eyes and what they were thinking? I would have loved to have been there. Talk about answering the many questions about who this Jesus guy is. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the servants came back and began to talk among themselves about how they pulled, what they thought was water, and it turned out to be great wine. The best wine that even the master had tasted. Ya just know they were all standing around going “No way”. So, the water being turned into wine is really the second miracle. The real first miracle affected the second miracle on those who witnessed it.

But Mary knew what was possible. Mary knew that Jesus was the go to guy to get the job done. Mary knew that her son was the one that could do this with just a glance, or even just a few words. Mary knew. And like the women who helped the widow in our parable, those women knew that they were there to be a helper to one who couldn’t do it on her own.

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