Summary: God wants to unleash His power in our lives


2 Chronicles 7:14

July 25, 1999 - Morning

I. How have you been effected by power today?

A. Power is a part of everyday life

1. Personal power

a.) You have the physical power to be here

b.) You have the mental power to understand what is being communicated

c.) You have the spiritual power in desire to be here in church

2. Non Personal Power

a.) The power in your home was working this morning

b.) The power in your car battery allowed it to start this morning

c.) The power was working in the church this morning

B. Power is a part of life

1. Power allows us to live the way we want to live

a.) Power provides for many of our physical needs

b.) Power provides for many of our wants to be met in life

2. Power is a part of our life

a.) Can you imagine what life would be like without power?

b.) Life would not be the same

II. The Meaning of Power

A. Definition of Power

1. Webster

a.) The possesion of control, authority or influence over others

b.) The ability to act or produce an effect

c.) A source or means of supplying energy

2. Greek Term

a.) Dunamis - Litterally meaning power

b.) Root word for dynamic or dynamite - True expressions of power

B. Application of Power

1. Personal understanding: The moving of God to create transformation in the lives of His people

2. God’s application: God is seen using His power in two key ways

a.) To create: God is the creator of all things - including you and me

b.) To redeem: God wants to bring us back into a personal relationship with Him



I. Answer the Call

A. God is still calling

1. The voice of God is calling out to a dying world

a.) God is calling through all of creation

b.) God is calling through all of His mighty deeds

c.) God is calling through His unchanging Word

d.) God is calling through His undying love

2. The message of God is clear

a.) The message of true life

b.) The message of eternal hope

c.) The message of unconditional love

Q - God is calling; are you listening?

B. God has a special people

1. God’s call on your life is special

a.) God’s personal call is special

b.) God’s call is life changing

2. God knows you on an intimate level

a.) God knows you by name

b.) God knows who you are

II. Admit the Conditions

A. The Reality of Conditions

1. God does place conditions on the release of His power

a.) God will not force you to do anything in life

b.) God will not unleash His power on someone for no reason

2. God will bless those who choose to pursue His power

a.) Not everyone will follow God

b.) God will pour out His blessing upon those who will pursue Him

B. Humbling of yourself

1. Come to the end of yourself

a.) We cannot save ourselves

b.) We cannot truly live on our own

c.) We cannot grow by our own strength

2. Surrender all of yourself to God

a.) Let God have all that you are now

1.) Start here and now with what you have and where you are

2.) Allow God to enter brokenness into your life

3.) God wants to begin with you this moment

b.) Let God deal with all that you have been in the past

1.) We all have things in the past that are not pretty

2.) God understands where you have been

3.) Allow God to have access to every area of your life

4.) God’s love can meet your every need

c.) Let God make you into all that you can become

1.) Allow God to mend the broken pieces of your life

2.) Allow God to bring a new wholeness into your life

3.) Allow God to help you reach the potential He has placed in your life

C. Prayer to God

1. Prayer is bringing yourself into God’s presence

a.) Prayer is entering into the presence of God

b.) No relationship can exist without communication

c.) We can take all of our hurts and pain to God

1.) We all want someone to care deeply about us and our needs

2.) Prayer is the way to see how much God cares about you

2. Prayer will allow you to make an impact

a.) Prayer impacts your life

b.) Prayer impacts those you pray for

c.) Prayer impacts the life of the church

D. Seeking God’s face

1. When you seek God’s face you will find Him

a.) Q - Do you want to find God?

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