Summary: Part 2 of a 2 part series.

Matthew 10:34-42

You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. I dealt with this particular text on last week, and you all got all excited and I got caught up in the anointing, and many of us got delivered and had a high time in the Lord, and because of that I was unable to finish the text, and so once again I want to try to chip away at it some more and hopefully encourage you the people of God and so for just a little bit of time as the Holy Ghost shall lead & guide I want to talk from the theme of, "Unlikely Enemies: Part 2" "Unlikely Enemies: Part 2" Turn to your nieghbor & say "Nieghbor, get ready, for part 2" Come on and go with me for just a minute...

My Brothers and my Sisters, if I can keep it real with you for just a few minutes on today, you will recall on last week as we began dealing with this text we discovered that family is one of if not the hardest kinds of people to deal with at times. mmm, hmmm. We said that there were three kinds of internal relationships in family that were hard to deal with, that of saved & unsaved family members, two saved family members, one being backslidden, and 2 saved family members on 2 very different levels spiritually. Yeah, we talked about that, but not only that we also talked about three things that Jesus says in the text that he came to bring to the world and i’m going to review them quickly for the sake of time so if you missed it on last week you’ll have to get the tape. Somebody oughta say, "Get the tape." But we talked about God bringing division, yes, and we defined what division was & we said that the reason God brings division is because he also wants us to make a decision, somebody oughta say "decision". And we defined decision and we said that God wants us to begin to make some decisions and some choices as to what is really most important to us in our lives. But not only that, we also began to discuss how decision then brings determination, determination to follow what ever it is that you have decided to follow, which will then result in total commitment.

Then we began to get into our text at hand and dissect it to glean whatever nuggets from it that we could, and we discovered that there are really two kinds of peace, world peace & inner peace, & that God came to bring inner peace. But then we also discussed division and how division causes dysfunction in famalies, and then we began to talk about how famalies really are unfortunately often our greatest enemies, and then we ultimately got caught up in the freedom of forgiveness peice, that God says that no matter what your family has done to you you still MUST forgive, and then we all went crazy on the promise of God for peace, and that all ultimately brings me to where I want to land at today. I need to lay you out for awhile & dispell some misunderstandings and misinterpretations that may occur by reading this text. This is one of those commonly misinterpreted texts, and so I need to help you the people of God before you end up going out there and doing some things that God didn’t say to do and then putting God’s name on it. Can I go ahead and teach you all for awhile? The first misinterpretation that may come from this text occurs in verse 34, where Jesus says, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to this world, I have not come to bring peace but a sword!" Many of you may be thinking, "Well, Jesus came to start war & fights & arguments, dessension, strife, pain, heartache, suffering, on and on and on... That’s NOT what the text is saying!!! As I stated on last week Jesus is talking about no outward peace and he is also not talking about a physical sword like we would use in combat but he is reffering to the word of God!! The Bible says that "The word of God can be likened unto a two edged sword that cuts to and fro’." And God knew that the word would become contraversial, so he knew that it would disturb worldly, but not inner peace, and so that’s why he said what he said in the text!!!!!!! OHHH I wish I had somebody to help me up in here!!!!!!! Turn to your nieghbor & say "Nieghbor, the Lord is talking about the word, he’s talking about the word, he’s talking about the word!!!!!!!

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