Summary: The Sixth Part Of A Study Through Romans.

Lesson 6

F) The Transformation Of The Gospel (12:1-15:14)

The Responsibility Of The Believer

1. We Are To Become A Living Sacrifice (12:1)

2. We Are To Follow A New Pattern Of Life (12:2a)

3. We Are To Seek And Discover God’s Personal Will For Our Lives(12:2b)

4. We Are To Not Think Of Ourselves Too Highly (12:3)

5. We Are To Use Our Personal Gifts To Edify The Body (12:4-8)

6. We Are To Be Devoted To Love (12:9a-10)

7. We Are To Hate Evil, And Cling To Good (12:9b)

8. We Are To Nurture Our Zeal, (stay excited) (12:11-12)

9. We Are To Share Our Resources With Brothers In Need (12:13)

10. We Are To Live In Harmony With Others (12:14-16)

11. We Are To Allow God To Avenge (12:17-21)

12. We Are To Respect Authority And Government (13:1-7)

13. We Are To Pay Our Debts (13:8-10)

14. We Are To Be Alert In Our Duties And Purity (13:11-14)

15. We Are To Focus On What We Believe And Not Judge Others (14:1-12)

16. We Are To Make Sure We Do Not Become A Stumbling Block (14:13-23)

17. We Are To Be Completely Forgiving And Accepting (15:1-7)

18. We Are To Be A People Of Praise (15:8-12)

19. We Are To Be A People Of Joy (15:13)

19. We Are To Be Knowledgeable So We Can Instruct Others (15:14)

20. We Are To Be A People Of Boldness Speaking For Christ (15:15-19)

21. We Are To Be A People Of Evangelism (15:20-22)

22. We Are To Stay On Task - Finish The Job At Hand (15:23-29)

23. We Are To Lift Up One Another In Prayer (15:30-31)

24. We Are To Be Refreshers (15:32)

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