3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This is a Christmas message unpacking the gift of Christmas the Christ child.

“Unwrapping the indescribable gift.”

Well everybody it’s Xmas eve, can I say you might be pushing it a little to late, if you haven’t found it that gift as yet. But don’t despair because there is a gift here tonight that you can personally receive

2 Cor 9:15 Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.

It has been mayhem in the city centre people buying last minute presents. Some people rushing around like headless chickens others like Gun dogs sniffing out those gifts, others like Olympian athletes with tunnel vision – looking to their goal whilst laden down with bags.

I consider myself like the S.A.S military operative on exercise - military precision – Plan – recognisance - work via the Internet -equipped correctly - debit visa card – credit visa card - store card – master card- and of course money to find that perfect gift - I have to be equipped yet with all this in place my mission failed it was aborted I didn’t find the gift I was looking for, store after store Sold out! No longer available.

The great news this Christmas is that the indescribable gift is still on offer – don’t miss out on this gift.

The story of my search: Although I have failed in my mission in buying this particular gift for her – She will not be heart broken because she has already received – accepted and opened the most indescribable gift that any human being can receive and that’s Jesus. Have you?

Power point: 2 Cor 9:15 Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.

The story of the wise men 2000 years ago there were three (Church tradition) magi (wise men) who were determined to find Jesus. They came from the east - Babylon descendants of Jews who remained during the exilic period. They too were seeking a gift a gift with a difference - they too planned and did there recognisance work not via the internet but via a star a unique Star a star which spoke of a special child a star which would lead them to Bethlehem.

They followed the star for 1000’s of miles – not to buy gifts - but to give and receive the greatest gift of all. In fact they travelled so far through cities through deserts - it took so long – they were even lost and they had to stop and seek directions Matt. 2:2—6.

• The hardest thing is to ask for help especially about Jesus. Wise men still seek out Jesus

To Ask - they did and they were greatly helped and find the child. But Christmas was over, the manger was empty - it was a couple of years later, Jesus was a small child. Mary - Joseph were married living in a house in Bethlehem v11.

Their Gifts:

These wise men, they went to great lengths to find Jesus they were not ashamed to associate with Him, they weren’t bothered what others thought about them, They brought him amazing gifts of Gold – Frankincense and myrrh and they worshipped Him v11 .

Although these wise men had brought gifts of great expense, they knew that they would be beneficiaries of something far greater than this world can ever give

2Cor 9:15 Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.

“Friends its great to give and receive gifts but does it really satisfy deep down? Lets be honest with ourselves. Does all the material possessions we have bring lasting fulfilment?”

• Heard the story of a small child who was disillusioned with Christmas who said to his father on Christmas day as he unwraps his presents “Daddy does Santa really deliver the goods? After all He has to come back year after year and I’m still not satisfied.”

What about you tonight are you satisfied with it all? Does Santa deliver the goods for you? So many of us are disallusioned like that small child if were honest.

Lets take a look at what these wise men found in Jesus, which is so indescribable? Were they satisfied? I think so... lets take a look at the gifts they brought. This will enable us to wrap the indescribable gift.

1. The Indescribable gift is a King.

• The gold is symbolic to his identity? Who is Jesus? A prophet - priest - good man – teacher – healer – guru. No this child is much more, the Gold represents his kingship he was born King of Kings.

His Family tree: points to the fact - Jesus came from a special line (David’s) Both Mary and Joseph’s – ancestors can be traced back to Israel’s King David. Bethlehem was also the Birth town for such a King. There was always a promise to David and through the prophets that a King would be raised up born in Bethlehem from His line who would rule as King forever.

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