Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermons deals with the building of the church according to Jesus.

Matthew 16:13-18

Upon This Rock

I. The Foundation of the Church.

Those who teach that Peter was the rock that the church would be built upon err. Jesus says to Peter....”thou are “petrus” ( i.e. a stone, pebble or fragment from a rock.) and upon this “petra”(i.e. a large mass of rock)

Peter will play a important part in the church....yet he is just a fragment. Jesus is the Rock that the churh is founded upon.

*If Peter had been the foundation of the church, the church would have died when he did. *If the Lord had been referring to Peter as being the rock why didn’t he say.....thou are Peter, and upon you I will build my church.

Isa 28:16 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

a. A Proven Foundation

The church is built upon the foundation of the Lord. He has been tried, and tested. He has proven himself faithful to all of the saints of the O.T. and to all who have put their trust in him.

b. A Precious Foundation

The Lord is a excellent foundation because he is precious, and of great value.

c. A Permanent Foundation

The Lord is sure, and stedfast. The church is built upon a foundation that will not shift or sink. It is permanently fixed upon the Lord Jesus.

II. The Framing Of The Church. .....I will build my church.

He is the foundation on which the church is established, and he is the builder, the framer that is putting the church together.

a. He Is An Experienced Framer.

Heb. 11:13 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

As the incarnate Son of God, he was raised in the home of a carpenter.

b. He Is An Exact Framer.

Eph. 2:21-22 In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto a holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are

builded together for a habitation of God through the Spirit.

Eph. 4:16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

c. He is an elaborate framer.

He spares no expense in constructing his church.

Act 20:28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to fee the church of God which he hath purchased

with his own blood.

1 Cor 6:19-20 What ? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own ? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit which are God’s

III. The Furnishing Of The Church.

Jesus is the foundation of the church.....he is the framer.....but what is the church made up of, and what does he furnish the church with ?

a. Furnished with People.

Acts 2:41 Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.

Acts 2:47 Praising God, and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.

Acts 5:14 And believers were the more added to the Lord, multitudes both men and women.

The Lord is the builder of the church. He said .....”I will build........MY CHURCH”. We can work, and witness....serve, and support but it is up to the Lord to build his church !

b. Furnished with Plans.

1. The church is to assemble.

The church is to assemble with other believers locally.

Heb 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much more, as ye see the day approaching.

2. The church is to admonish.

i.e. exhort....warn, encourage.

3. The church is to assimilate.

Acts 2:42 And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.

4. The church is to act.

Mat 28:19-20

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the enod of the world. Amen.

c. Furnished with Presence.

The Lord led the congregation of Israel with a cloud during day, and a pillar of fire at night.

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