Summary: 2011 is the beginning of a new day, a new year, and a new season. A look at our mission as believers and as a church? How do we live our lives with a sense of God’s eternal purpose in everything that we do?

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The Upward Call of God Pt 1

Introduction To Know, To Live, To Give Pt 1

Mat 16:13-14

If- asked- man on the street who Jesus was- you would get a variety of answers as we see in this verse.

They had heard about Jesus, knew something about Him, but they did not personally know Him.

Mat 16:15-17

COTRM Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement as a church is three-fold-

Encounter God, Love People, Share Life

To have a supernatural Encounter with God so we can Love People, as God has loved us, and Share with others the Life God has given to us.Jn 10:27

Talk today about what it means to encounter God-

Encounter- come face to face with- experience God.

Encounter God- all about having- relationship w/God.

John 17:3 (NAS) “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

Know- to be aware of, to recognize.

John 10:27 (NAS) “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me

Encounter is about knowing God and God knowing us.

Encourage- bible reading, prayer, regular attend mtgs

In each- activities- opportunities to encounter God.

Mat 16:15 Who is God to you?

V17 Reveal-uncover/unveil, expose something hidden.

Something made known to the mind directly w/o process of learning/information gathering.

It comes out of- encounter w/God through- the HS.

Events in Paul’s Life

Illustrate this concept of encounter in the life of Paul-

Paul’s testimony before the Jews

Act 22:6-10 testifying about his encounter w/God

Appoint- cause to be under authority, assign a task.

Paul was a successful religious leader, but God interrupted Paul’s life and gave him His purpose.

I pray each of us has had/will have such encounters-

situations where God reveals Himself to us.

Paul’s defense before King Agrippa

Act 26:14-16

Appoint- chose in advance- God had a plan for Paul.

Have you been appointed by God as Paul was?

How you answer- question- CRITICAL as to whether you will live your life w/sense of eternal purpose.

Minister- servant, helper, one who attends to another

Witness- to testify to the worth and effect of faith.

Same word-martyr-to give witness about God w/death.

We are- live our lives sacrificially for God’s Kingdom.

V16 Jesus told Paul he would be a witness to-

those things he had already seen, and

things in which Jesus would appear to him.

Already seen- Paul’s study OT scriptures, Gamaliel.

Things in which I will appear to you-

opening up of God’s Word through revelation

discernment into the activity of God

(in a particular situation/someone’s life)

Act 26:17-18 We are to live sacrificially before others so they have an opportunity to turn from-

darkness to light,

dominion of Satan to God,

receive forgiveness of sins/godly inheritance.

There is a great need for us- study God’s Word/pray-

so we have-foundation to draw from, and a

basis to interpret revelation from God.

Paul’s voyage to Rome and ship wreck

Act 27:9-10

Perceive- to see, watch closely, to understand-

supernatural perception- God gave Paul

Paul had spiritual insight/revelation about the trip.

We also must perceive what God is saying/doing today

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