Summary: A sermon on using our light and not hiding our Christianity

Using Our Light

Bro. David Rogers

Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church


Luke 8:16-18



So many today are afraid of using the light that is within them. They have listened to the Satan’s lies that they are not good enough to spread the Gospel or that they don’t know enough. But the truth is we are to let our light shine. I know I have talked about this topic once before but our light grows dim and we need to let it shine brilliantly. People need to be able to see it from afar. Like a city on a hill whose lights you can see form a distance so should our light shine so bright that it too can be seen from a distance.

An industrial titan remembered his farm boyhood. It was his chore to go to the barn in the dark to secure the farm animals before the family bedtime. He dreaded what lurked in the shadows on the way to the distant barn. His father gave him unforgettable advice.

The lantern from the farmhouse would cast its light to the yard gate and no further. When he came to the yard gate, the lantern cast its light to the corral fence and no further. When he came to the corral fence, the lantern cast its light to the windmill and no further. When he came to the windmill, the lantern cast its light to the barn door. The wise father reminded the frightened lad that he had only to go as far as the light took him, with the assurance that the light would take him further at the next point of need.

That is all we must do we just let the light lead us to the next point of need. Never are we to walk out of the light but always walk in the light. Notice that darkness flees from light and that the light always reveals what the darkness has hidden. The light always sets free what the darkness has imprisoned. The light is a key that opens the door of truth and lies must flee from truth.

I. How are we to use our light?

a. One we are not to cover up our light.

i. We must not hide it from sight.

1. people must be able to see the light within us. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine. If it cost you a job so be it God has another one for you.

2. Our light points the way from this terrible world. It reveals the truth which dispels the darkness around us.

ii. We let people see our light.

1. We are to be like Elijah and be bold in our Lord. The World may not like us but that is not important. Our lives are the Lords to live through and we are to be bold and let our light shine.

iii. We want to lead people to Christ by how we live.

1. Our lives are a window to God. People see God through how we live, talk, and walk. Is our windows clear and bright so people can see in or windows dirty and hazy so people see a distorted vision of God. Scientists also tell us that light will not reduce – You cannot dismantle the parts of light and have light. It will not work if you try to reduce it or dismantle any of lights parts it will not work.

Light is non reduce-able but you can use light as a source of energy because you can compress a lot of lights energy in a very small point.

Example when you use a magnifying glass on a sunny day to start a fire. When you do this experiment you are concentrating and compressing light together in one focused area. Result you light a fire.

Lasers are designed to work this way.

Scientists tell us that this is one of the miracles of light: “It has no volume. And photons have no charge, so in the process of being concentrated into a very small space, they don’t repulse each other as negatively charged electrons do.” (NIF will fit 4 x 10 the 24th power photons into the target capsule.) “They don’t bother one another” is the way Moses put it. “How many angels of light can dance on the head of a pin? In theory, and infinite number” (National Geographic, Oct. 2001 ed. page 10).

Think about this statement – Light should not bother one another but gather together to gain greater power.

God himself is light and he is non-reduce-able. You take away any part of God you don’t have God.

The Lord gathers together his lights and compresses them together to stir up a fire in the world. To show light in the middle of darkness.

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