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Summary: Many people bodies are not holy and acceptable to the Lord and the Heavens is crying because of the way they use their bodies which suppose to glorify God. Every part of your bodies is important to God, and they although to be presented as holy and accept

Today I thank God for his wonderful grace for this message and the opportunity given to everyone that is reading and to bless with it.

Today’s message is title “USING YOUR BODIES FOR GOD” in Romans 12:1-2 “ Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual[a] act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (NIV)

Many people bodies are not holy and acceptable to the Lord and the Heavens is crying because of the way they use their bodies which suppose to glorify God. Every part of your bodies is important to God, and they although to be presented as holy and acceptable to the Lord.

Today many have divided their bodies into 2 parts (one for God and one to them), they have told God that this aspect of my life belong to me, I must make use of them the way I want.

Presenting your bodies a living sacrifices,, holy and acceptable involve total submission to the will of God; doing what the bible say not what your emotion says. In fact many people are walking according to their emotional influence and thinking is the spirit of God, many so called prophets are prophesying based on their imagination not according to the spirit of God.



Many have use their eyes to commit a lot damages to their fellow neighbours, so many people have use their eyes to kill someone alive, some have make other to do thing they intend not to do because of the way they have been looked upon. This remind of a story of a sister that look at a pastor when ministering on Sunday during the service, because the woman never likes the pastor, so she looked at the pastor from the head to feet and the pastor almost fell down by the way he was looked upon by the sister and he begun to make errors in his message and people were noticing it. Few days later, the woman lost her job, her husband lost her and strange illness immediately come upon her children, then she begin to pray and after series of prayer meetings in different places the Lord show her the cause of her problem that because she use her eyes to write down His servant. Then she went to that church because she has stop worship there and the pastor have been transferred to a very far place, but thank God she find the pastor and plead for his mercy and immediately all her strange situation disappear.

Beloved what do you use eyes for? Are you using for lust of the flash. Many people derive joy in lusting after men and women and they are comfortable. or yours is to watch nude movies / pictures and you think that your eye is living sacrifices,, holy and acceptable to the Lord?.


Many have sold their mouth to the devil; they can say anything that comes their way. Many believe that their mouth is to gossip and not else, some also believe that their mouth is to lie against one another. Some is to curse other. But do you know that the mouth can be use for blessing and praising God. This remind of someone I have said I will never meet whenever I serious issues whether good or bad, is not that he will not give the right answer; but the damage he must have caused before the answer comes will double the situation if it is a bad news but become bad if it’s a good news.


What is the works of you hands is legally and righteously. If your tithes acceptable to God, does the works of your hands always bring pains and sorrows others life. What are you doing with your hands now? Stop paying blood money tithe and offering because God will not accept them from you.


This part of the body many people of this generation has abused it. Do you know that your sexual organ can glorify God? Nothing in your body that cannot worship God. You know you’re not marriage legally why involve in sex and mortgaging your destiny on a platform of 5 minutes enjoyment. Stop deceiving yourself that it is normal for you to do it even if I’m not marriage. Some marriage men and women are still deceiving themselves by looking out in search for “sanctification”, if you know that your spouse in not meeting your expectation sexually them why not let him/her know how you want it done for your sanctification because its important your get it from your marriage to strength the relationship.

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