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Summary: The vagabond anointing is responsible for the lack of direction and aimlessness in so many lives. The devil himself is a vagabond and he likes to distribute that anointing.

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We can pick a few lessons from the experience of the prodigal son.

1. A vagabond is always a sorrowful person. Sin will bring sorrow always and it never fails to find men out. It may not be in a dramatic way but at the end of the day, the sin of a man will find him out.

2. The vagabond spirit causes demotion. The son of a rich man started to feed pigs and for a Jew brought up in a proper Jewish family, no greater humiliation can be directed at him. The job made him ceremonially unclean and brought him shame.

3. A sinner is always in a far country.

4. Vagabond people are always very selfish.


Anointing is a supernatural thing. It is a supernatural equipment that enables you to achieve supernatural results. It is the ability to do things without sweating. God does not have counterfeit materials neither does He give them to people. These are the last days and many evil things are happening. The Bible has a very bad picture for the last days. It says that men’s heart shall fail them for fear, many false Christs and many false prophets shall arise. Many shall be lovers of themselves, lovers of money and haters of good things. The Bible also says that in the last days, the devil will increase his activities. He will release terrible spiritual bullets on the human race. Now we hear that divorce rate has gone up tremendously, boys are taking to drugs and it is now very rare to find somebody who is still a virgin at the age of 20.

The book of Luke says that it will get to a time when the heart of men will fail for fear but we need to be successful in whatever warfare we are fighting no matter how fierce the battle is. The enemy will make some progress because of sin. One of the reasons the enemy has so much control over many lives is because they have found it difficult to forsake their sin. When a person constantly repeats a particular sin, satan will take up his abode in that area of the person’s life. As a family continues to repeat a sin, the devil will use that area to get them. It could be the spirit of worry, fear, sexual sin, laziness, abusive tongue, etc. He will use these sins as his base.

The vagabond spirit is the spirit that makes a person live an irregular life or a wandering life. The person goes from one place to the other with no fixed purpose, an aimless life. A lot of people are operating under the influence of the vagabond spirit. God created the earth in six days and rested on the seventh day and God expects us to be able to rest in Him. But those under the vagabond anointing are restless in their spirit. People under vagabond anointing wander from city to city, from job to job, from house to house, from marriage to marriage, etc. They are never able to really settle down.

People under the vagabond anointing are always tormented by the spirit of poverty. When a person is under the vagabond anointing, the spirit of poverty finds it easy to move in. This will give rise to so many other things which includes restlessness, confusion, financial bondage, depression, loneliness, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, sorrow and grief.

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