Summary: The world has a way of dealing with different issues. What are values from God's perspective when it comes to handling money, paying our taxes, leadership, discipline issues, or forgiveness?

Matthew 17:24Matthew 18:35


A Sunday school teacher was diligently teaching about Salvation, explaining how we have sinned and need to seek forgiveness from God. After this, she asked the children, “What should you do in order for you to be forgiven of your sin?” She thought she had taught really well and she was surprised at the long pause. Finally one little boy raised his hand and he said, “I have to sin!”


A minister parked his car in a “No Parking” spot and left a note on the car saying: “I have circled around the area ten times and I could not find a parking space. I am going to be late and so I am parking here. Please forgive us our trespasses.” The police officer found this note and he left a citation for his mistake of parking and also wrote a note for the minister. When the minister came back to his car, he found the note saying, “I am a police officer. I go around this block for 10 years, and if I do not give you a ticket, I will lose my job. Lead us not into temptation!”

Today we will look into being lead into temptation in some cases, and especially forgiveness from sins and in the process what God values. What are values from God’s perspective? What do we value and how does that compare with what God values?

The Values of the Kingdom of God - 5 main points

1. Peace with authority is more valuable than money that we do or do not have.(Matt. 17:24-27)

2. Humility and simplicity are of more value than power or prestige. (Matt.18:1-9)

3. The one who is lost is temporarily more valuable than those who are not. (Matt.18:10-14)

4. Restoration of the brother who has sinned is more valuable than punishment.(Matt.18:15-20)

5. The one who has wronged me is more valuable than my rights for vengeance or justice.(Matt.18:21-35)

1. Peace with authority is more valuable than money that we do or do not have.

Matthew 17:24-27 - The relationship between us and those around us, even our relationships with the corrupt government is more important than the value of money we do or do not have.

Jesus did not have enough money to pay the taxes. He probably did not attend any of those Money Management classes, where you are taught to keep aside money for your taxes. He asks Peter throw in a hook in the sea and from the first fish, he will find the money to pay their taxes. We see here that Jesus had a way of providing.

God has a plan for those who commit themselves to ministry and He will meet our needs as He always does. He cares for us and will supply our needs.

The relationship that the church, the believers have with the government is very important. God wants us to live righteous lives. If we do not do evil and do what is right, we do not have to worry about being punished by the government. We pay our taxes and do all that is legally necessary.

Jesus said in Matt.17, “In order that we do not create an offence, go fishing.” And Jesus provided miraculously (Matt.17:24-27) to what was needed.

If you commit yourself to doing what God has called you to do and being faithful even with taxes, God will provide for you even miraculously.

2. Humility and simplicity are of more value than power or prestige.

Matthew 18:1-9 – We see in this passage that the value of person is not based on his position or influence or power, but on purity, honesty and simplicity.

An adult is not more important than a child.


There was an OT Professor who taught young people that were preparing for the ministry. At the beginning of the class he would take off his coat and bow. He would bow to the class of his students. Some of his faculty members were upset at this gesture. And he said, “I bow to them because you never know which of them is going to be called of God to some great service.” The professor of course did not realize at that time that one of his students sitting there was Martin Luther, who later would establish the protestant reformation and have a huge impact on the development of the church.

Yes, children have to honor their parents and elders, however elders should respect young people too, a sense of mutuality of honoring one another.

When you look at the little child, you are seeing the elements of the Kingdom of God – the

simplicity, the humility that kids have. They get along with each other so well whereas adults have trouble with getting along with each other.

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