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Intro: everyone of us will at times have our faith tested. In James 1:2-8 we are told that faith will be put on trial. The biggest question in any trial is, “ what’s the verdict.” We are given some of the litmus test of faith in these verses.

The Verdict On Faith

James 1:2-8

v.2—the first thing that we find in the trial of faith, is did we keep our joy in the midst of the trial. James gives us the admonition to keep joyful in the trials of life.

Here is the first verdict on faith

a. If a trial that we go through can steal or rob joy out of our life, then our faith has failed. The verdict is doubt, fear or unbelief. When you face a difficulty in life, the first step in faith is to not allow the storm to make you forget the sunshine.

b. If we stay joyful, if we keep a right attitude during the test, then the verdict is you have passed this test, you can now move on to another step or level.

c. Divers—various—if you can keep your joy, if your attitude stays right in these various trials, the verdict on your faith, is that you have a great faith that will not be easily moved.

v.3- trying of your faith works patience. The next verdict on faith is did we remain steady during the trial.

Here is the second verdict

a. if in the trial we demanded that it be over now, then the verdict is that we failed the test. If it kept us upset, and we became unsettled, if anxiety over anything takes control of us, then the verdict is, we will probably face this same test again, because if you don’t conquer any area in life, you are doomed to repeat that test until you pass it.

b. If in the trial, you stay firm in faith, you don’t become unsettled, you take one day at a time, you say, if I don’t gain victory today, I am sure I will gain victory tomorrow, your verdict is victory in faith.

c. If you within the test, have a peace and rest, if you notice that your attitude about this test is calmer more confident then in trials you have faced in the past, you are graduating to new steps and new levels of faith.

v.4—let patience have her perfect work—the next step in the trying of your faith, is what is becoming of you in the trials.

The next verdict of faith—

a. if you notice that you are more skeptical, more cynical, because of the trials you are going through, if you feel like giving up, if you feel like throwing the towel in because the trials are too hard or the mountain is too steep, then the verdict is faith failure.

b. If you see that you are a stronger person because of all the trials you have advanced through, and aren’t worried about the next trial, because the same way you got through this time, is the same way you will get through the next time, you are a faith graduate.

c. If people who have seen you go through many battles, begin to see a stronger spiritual life, begin to lean on you for help and support, request you to pray them through, then your faith is proven faith, and the verdict is overcomer.

v.5—if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God---how involved is God in your test, how much do you rely on Him within the trial, this is the next verdict to be rendered.

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