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Summary: When people find themselves in the "pits" of the world, give them encouragment that there is a way out.

*The Integrity Test used in reference for this message was a thought received from a message on the "7 Tests of Joseph" submitted by SermonCentral.com contibutor, Derek Vreeland.

Victory from the Pit!

Genesis 37

Matthew 7:7

“Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and you shall find”

Luke 12:48

“Everyone who has been given much, much is required…”

Joseph had dreams throughout his life. And his dreams usually were right on target with what was going on during his days. He was also able to interpret dreams which will come out to play a big role in putting him in is destiny.

Let’s get down to where Joseph was. His brothers hated him. To the point of wanting to kill him but instead opted to just place him into the pit.

· Joseph has gone as far as he can go

· He is in somewhat of a prison

· There are no options to choose from here

· What will become of his future?

· What will become of his dreams?

· What about the goals he had for his life?

· What about the plans God had for his life?

Joseph is in the pit and as nowhere but up to go. He is now in the place where if something does happen, we know its God.

We continue to fight our way through life:

· As long as we have options

· As long as we have a way out

· As long as we have a “get out of jail” card

Then we think we are okay.

But God will sometimes:

· Put us in a place where we can do nothing but look up.

· Sometimes we will be put in the “pits of life” where there is no one else around.

· Get us to our bottom of the well to see how we are going to react.

Are we going to give up? Or are we going to trust Him?

I sometimes believe that we hit rock bottom where we have no friends, no options, no way out so that when God does deliver us from all of this – There is no way we can give credit to someone else. IT HAD TO BE GOD!!!

· We have a nice car – but it was our credit that got that for us

· We have a nice house – but is was that down payment that got us in that one

· We have good health now – but that was due to that good doctor that treated us well.

· We have food on the table – but that is because we work our jobs to make the money to provide

When are we going to realize that everything we have is from God?

I don’t care what kind of credit you have, God allowed you to get that nice car.

Who do you think blessed you with the down payment money to get that house?

Who gave that doctor that knowledge and skills to treat your illness that saved your life?

Who gave you that job – the one that you were not even qualified enough to have.


So now Joseph is in the pit, what now?

If you are in the pit or you find yourself in the pit what now? Start preaching to yourself:

Rom. 8:37 – “In all things we are more than conquerors”

Isa. 54:17 – “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper…”

Phill. 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ…”

When you begin to preach God’s Word to yourself, watch Him begin to work.

Verse 28 – Joseph was sold to the Midianites

How can this be good thing?

I asked to be released from the pit and you put me into slavery?

I asked for a way out and you degrade me by putting a price on me?

You prayed to get out of the pit, don’t start complaining because God didn’t do that way you thought it should have been done.

God has a plan for Joseph’s life and there had to be a lesson learned from the pit. Because Joseph is going to find himself in this situation again and he has to know how to respond.

So why the sell? God has a process to get you to where He wants you to be.

Verse 36 – Then he was sold to Potiphar

-captian of the bodyguard

Maybe right now you are in the pit – Your sell is coming!

Someone is coming along to hand pick you for something good. Don’t criticize the sell until you see where it puts you. For Joseph it put him as a high-ranking officer in Potiphar’s house.

Can I show you our God in action?

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