Summary: God's children enjoy wonderful blessings from our Father. One such blessing is His deliverance of us in the face of our adversaries.

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Background: to understand this psalm, you must understand the beginning of David’s problems he has been facing. They go all the way back to his affair with Bathsheba, the murder of her husband, and the taking of her for his wife. Years later, David’s mixed family has huge problems. David’s son Amnon raped his half-sister Tamar. David was too weak to deal with Amnon appropriately, so Tamar’s brother, Absalom, killed Amnon. Still, David is so morally weak at this point that he also failed to deal with Absalom appropriately, instead he merely banished him from the kingdom.

The problem is that Absalom was very popular with the people and he later raised up an army to attack David and take his throne. He was successful in running David out of Jerusalem and pressing the attack against him. In the end, Absalom was killed in a freak accident during a battle and the revolt was over.

This psalm covers the initial attacks and the eventual deliverance and victory through the Lord God.

1. THE ENEMY OF MY SOUL. (Ps 3:1-2)

1 O Lord, how my adversaries have increased! Many are rising up against me. 2 Many are saying of my soul,

“There is no deliverance for him in God.”

David mentions 3 groups that are against him.

(1) His adversaries- there had always been a group that hated him and wanted to destroy him, but they were never strong enough to do anything about it. Some had been loyal to Saul, some hated God.

(2) New Opposition- new opposition has arisen for 2 reasons. They see David as morally and politically weak. Also, many began to oppose David because of their love for Absalom.

(3) His Skeptics- They were condemning David because of his moral failures and are saying that God has abandoned him and he is doomed.

** All of this is David’s fault. He sinned and now is paying the consequences of sin. Yes, David had already repented and was forgiven, but he must still live with the consequences.

Have you ever messed up really bad? Sinned in some great way? Maybe today you feel that you’re being punished because of it.

Truth is, you may be right. But, does that mean that God quit loving you? NO. But, Has He abandoned you? Possibly, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

** Just as David had many adversaries (enemies) that hated him, we also have an enemy of our soul, Satan.

David’s enemy gained strength over him because of David’s sins.

The Devil gains authority over believers when we sin.

* Sin is going over the line in God’s Law. Cartoon of Cat and Bulldog when I was a kid. Dog was on a chain and the cat drew a line around the dog’s area that measured the greatest distance the dog could go. As long as he stayed outside the line, he was safe. But, if he crossed the line, he gave that dog the ability to hurt him really bad.

** Satan is like that chained bulldog. When you choose to sin, you go past the line and give Satan the ability to treat you badly.


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