Summary: Romans 8 analyzed/outlined

Romans 8-Victory over the Flesh

I. Holy Spirit’s Delivering Power over Flesh/Sin (v.1-11)

A. Seeing the Meaning (v.1-4)

1. The Glorious Fact [No Condemnation to Those in Christ Jesus] (v.1)

2. The Perfect Explanation [Through the Law of the Spirit of Life](v.2)

3. The Divine Cause [Sinful Flesh Condemned by Jesus Sacrifice](v.3)

4. The Practical Purpose [Righteousness of the Law Fulfilled

by Jesus’ Sacrifice](v.4)

B. Setting the Mind (v.5-11)

1. The Two Types/Tendencies [Minding Flesh & Minding Spirit] (v.5,6)

2. The Two Issues [Life or Death & Enemy or Pleaser of God](v.6-8)

3. The Two Spheres [In the Flesh or In the Spirit] (v.8-11)

II. The Holy Spirit’s Directive Power of Son-ship (v.12-17)

A. Starting the Motions of Son-ship

[Unlocking the Spirit’s Power by Faith] (v.12-13)

1. Stopping Habits

2. Standing Against Sin

[Mortify the Deeds of the Body]

(Crucifiying the Flesh)

3. Stilling the Lusts

B. Standing in the Truth of Son-ship by Faith (v.14-17)

1. Experience of the Spirit (v.14)

2. Adoption of the Spirit (v.15)

3. Witness of the Spirit (v.16)

4. Blessings of the Spirit (v.17)

III. The Spiritual Glory (v.26-30)

A. The Spirit Helping Our Infirmities (v.26)

B. The Spirit Searching Our Heart (v.27)

C. The Spirit Working for Our Good (v.28)

D. The Spirit in Salvation (v.29, 30)

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