Summary: PART 3 A lot of this sermon series is like the study the Vine & Branch Study

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The Vine & Branch Study

Part III



How successfully do you set priorities for your life from the perspective of what God?

Wants? Do you see your priorities changing as you mature to as a Christian?

Think of leaves as those things in your life often even good things that sap your energies times and talents but aren’t ultimately important to God. Name a few.

1.Strongly disagree. 2.Slightly disagree. 3.Unsure.4.Strongly agree

___I spend a lot of time and energy on activities that further God’s kingdom.

___I look for opportunities to use my gifts and talents in ways that will bring glory to God.

___I am willing to undergo real change in order to shape my priorities to better match God’s.

___I can say with confidence that I put God before any person or possession.

___I understand that busyness for God and acclaim from other believers aren’t the same as spiritual productivity.

To prune means to remove plant parts for a purpose. Gardeners prune to improve a plant’s health or appearance, to increase the size of its blooms, or to produce more fruit.

Pruning is always future oriented - the cutting now results in gains later.

Gardeners prune to improve a plant’s health or appearance, to increase the size of its blooms, or to produce more fruit.

Jesus said, Every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit”(John15: 2) Based on this verse:

a. Who does the pruning?__________________________________

b. What gets pruned? _____________________________________

c. What is the goal of pruning?

Christians, should expect to be pruned?

3.Pruning helps us to reorder our priorities. What Does Matthew 6:33 tell us was Christ’s priority for His follower?

4. When God prunes us it often takes place through tests and trials. The distress we experience helps us identify affections, activities, or attitudes That God is trying to prune. Have you ever experienced a trial that you later realized was directly related to your clinging to something that God Was trying to prune away? Describe what happened.

5. Read James1: 2-5. What two benefits does James link to the testing of our faith?

a. It produces ___________________________ in the believer,

b. Which in turn promises to make us perfect and___________________.

6.Read 1 Peter 1:6-8. What key benefit (more precious than gold) does Peter say results from testing?

The _____________________________________________________of

Your ______________________________________________________.

The act of pruning is how God works in our lives when we’re bearing fruit, and its goal is to bring us more fruit. Read Philippians 1:12-14,

a. What kind of fruit came of Paul’s trials? ________________________

b. Paul recognized the connection between his hardships and the fruit that resulted. Have you ever been able to make a similar correlation?

Pruning is always for our good and is custom-suited to our individual need. Read 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10.

Paul allowed God to use his “thorn in the flesh” for greater ministry potential (v.7). Looking back, do you see now how a personal limitation that you surrendered to God was used for greater fruitfulness?

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