Summary: Our church vision for coming year(s).

Vision Sunday 2007

Proverbs 29:18; Zech 6:15


The coming year’s theme for our church will be, “We attempt great things FOR God, and we expect great things FROM God!” Let’s say it together …

Do you believe that we can attempt great things for God? Do you believe that through the leading of the Holy Spirit that we could be called to accomplish Kingdom business in this church? God has brought us to this place, TODAY, to not only fellowship together in Thanksgiving, but to look to the future at what our church is going to be doing and how we are going to bless God as He blesses us.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

Let me say right off the bat, that if at any time you have the thought in your mind that “we can’t do …” then I want to tell you that it is not from God. All the devil needs to do to cause doubt is to convince you that you cannot do something. He does not want you to grow, he does not want you to succeed, and he certainly does not want this church to reach the community for Jesus Christ. Doubt does not come from the Lord – so this morning if you start saying “we can’t” in your mind, I want you to tell the devil to be silent and flee from you in the name of Jesus. With God on our side, WE are a majority and we most certainly CAN!

A few weeks ago, God gave me the title “Vision Sunday” and today we focus as a church on where we are going in the future. Normally this type of message is given in January, but the Lord told me that today would be the day for it to be delivered. I believe that it is not accident that you are here today. Some may disagree and say that food brings people to church, but in my heart I believe that we have been called together today for God’s glory, and this morning I want us to look together at God’s Word on where we are headed.

Remember at the picnic we listed all of the accomplishments that have happened from: the sign outside, to Sunday night services, to the new carpet in the Sanctuary, to Children’s Church starting and tripling in attendance to tripling our normal Harvest Festival attendance to last week preparing 60 boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Do you know that we have done all these things since March 2007!!! March!! Now, imagine for a moment the rejoicing in Heaven as this church has come alive – and I believe that NOW is the time to dream big and intently move forward in the Kingdom. Let’s dream together Saints – for with God, ALL things are possible!


Point 1 – Starting Small

I believe that all dreams should start small, and gradually grow as God increases our ability and our faithfulness to serve Him. Remember that Jesus Himself said that “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much” (Luke 16:10) – and this is the first point of realizing that it is important to dream, but to be faithful first.

I am sure that God had many dreams and thoughts and plans for this Earth originally and the prophet Jeremiah stated it best in Jeremiah 29:11 when he said, “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” – and I wonder aloud what God’s plans were for His Earth when He looked into the future and saw what would happen.

Remember that God started small; with two people in the Garden of Eden until sin came into their lives and they disobeyed God. From there, God’s vision of this world was forever changed, and I am certain that as He wrestled with the decision to one day send His Son to die for us – would we be worth it?

Would we be thankful enough to honor Him … to trust Him … to allow ourselves to lean fully on His provisions? Think on that – there had to come a time where God had to ask Himself, “Is it worth it?” I think we have our answer.

God sent His Son Jesus to die on cross for us to accept, believe, and understand that we needed a Savior; that we needed to be forgiven and that without this forgiveness we would forever be separated from a God that loves us (present tense) unconditionally; with no strings or requirements attached – only that we would accept His Son as our Savior.

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