Summary: This is the 19th sermon in the series "The End". This sermon looks at the message of the three angels in Revelation 14:6-13.

Sunday Evening, August 25, 2002 Bel Aire Baptist Church

Series: ¡§The End¡¨ [#19]


Revelation 14:6-13


1. Last week we heard the voices of the 144,000.

2. This week we will hear the voices of three angels.

Angel #1

Revelation 14:6-7

1. In our present time, the angels are not given the privilege to preach the Gospel. That responsibility has been given to God¡¦s people. At the Mid-Tribulation point before God pours out His wrath upon the world again, He commissions an angel to proclaim the eternal gospel.

2. What is the eternal gospel? This is the only place in Scripture you will find this phrase ¡§eternal gospel¡¨. This is the same Gospel that we have today. The word ¡§Gospel¡¨ is translated "good news" and the good news is that through Jesus Christ you can be saved and live with your Savior for all eternity.

3. The fact that God is having an angel share the Good News with them before He punishes them for refusing Him shows how merciful God is.

Angel #2

Revelation 14:8

Babylon is discussed many places in Scripture and is the main topics of Revelation 17 and 18.

1. Babylon has been the center of Satan¡¦s operations since the flood. Idolatry has run rampant there. Notice what is said about Babylon. ¡§Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great, which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.¡¨

Jeremiah 50:38-40

2. Most scholars will say that Babylon the Great represents two things in the Book of Revelation depending upon the context. Babylon can symbolize the world system that the Antichrist will have in place, which will be destroyed, or it can represent the actual city of Babylon, which will be the center of the Antichrist¡¦s kingdom, which will also be destroyed by God.

3. God again is sending an angel to warn the people that if they continue to follow the Antichrist and do not surrender their lives to Him, they are getting ready to suffer the wrath of God because it is on the way. Satan will be destroyed!

Angel #3

Revelation 14:9-11

1. Once again God uses an angel to warn the people that not only will the Antichrist¡¦s kingdom will fall, but that an unending torment awaits any of the Antichrist¡¦s worshippers. Remember once a person takes the ¡§Mark of the Beast¡¨ he or she cannot turn back. That is a permanent decision that cannot be changed.

2. As I said earlier, God is merciful but God is also just. God¡¦s mercy is seen here in the warnings, but God also has to judge these people if they refuse Him.

3. Notice with me how God is just and fair.

„« God will withdraw all mercy forever on those that refuse Him.

„« God¡¦s wrath will be in His cup, which God has been patiently, and mercifully waiting to pour it out upon this world, but He will indeed pour it upon them in the next part of the Tribulation.

„« Notice that they will be tormented with burning sulfur. This burning sulfur or fire and brimstone is the most terrible substance known in its action upon human flesh. This is divine punishment.

„« Notice who will be watching. The holy angels and Jesus Christ.

„« Consider the duration: Forever.


Revelation 14:12-13

1. Notice the contrast between God¡¦s wrath upon those that have rejected Him and God¡¦s love and mercy upon those that have accepted Him. Those that are followers of God during the Tribulation will only find rest when they die, but that rest will be for eternity.

2. We too will not find rest until we die and go to Heaven. This verse also says that their deeds with follow them. This is just reminding us of the fact that Christians will be judged by what we do for the Kingdom.

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