Summary: This is a challenge for the church to move by faith into new territory for God, with God’s help.

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Friends. Are you Ready? Are you ready to go somewhere you’ve never been before?

Friends, Church, I’m asking you a serious question this Sunday morning? Were

going on a trip, and were going to places that we’ve never been before, isn’t that exciting,

don’t you like adventure?

This journey is real, and I want you to be ready for the trip, I don’t want anyone to

be left behind. Listen to me this morning, God has a message for you this morning that’s

just for you.

If your a first time attendee, your just in time and I believe your here for a reason.

You see, this is our year of Breakthrough, and God is going to lead us to that

breakthrough. But you need to understand this, God is going to lead us down some new

roads, He’s going to take us where we’ve never been before as a church, and he wants to

take you in to places in your Christian journey to places you’ve never been.

Let me ask you something, “How are we going to achieve a breakthrough in the

life of our church, if we keep doing the same things that we’ve always done?”

How many here this morning lost 25 lb. this last week? Now I’m not saying you

need to lose any weight, look at me. But the reason you didn’t and I didn’t lose any

weight this last week, we didn’t change anything, right.

How many of you made the same amount of money last week on your job that you

normally make? Why is that?

If you want to make more money, you either ask for a raise, get another job, or

find a better job, whatever you do, something has to change, right?

The same is true in the church. Let me share a little history with you that you

don’t want to hear. Before 1997, this church had been in decline for seven strait years,

from an average of around 75 to an average of about 20 when Nola and I arrived two

years ago. Since then we have had some growth, but I don’t believe anything comparable

to what God has in store for us if were willing to follow him on a new road, to a new level

of Faith and Obedience. So my question that I started with still stands, Are You Ready?

Are you Willing to Go and Trust in God ?

This morning if you think that it’s a little scary thinking about going to a new

place, starting on a journey where you don’t know the territory or even where it’s going

to end, your not alone.

We serve a God who likes to take his people on trips!!!!!!

Remember Abraham? “Go to a place I will show you..” Now that was real definitive

wasn’t it? Abraham went, God Blessed Him, made an everlasting covenant with him and

made him the Father of many Nations. What a ride.

Remember Noah? My word friends, can you imagine. That was a trip. It had never


God took Noah and his family, because they were faithful, and obedient, He took them on

the First Forty Day Cruise Ship, a floating Zoo if you will. God has a great sense of


I could go on and on and tell you stories that you have heard, that you know

where God took men and women on great journeys, and these journeys are in two areas of

life, first it’s in the spiritual realm.

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