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Summary: Waiting is much more bearable when we keep our eyes on the end result.

Wait For Now

James 5:7-12

Be patient for the Lord is coming. It is easy to get distracted, because we are an impatient people. Think about food, atm machines, express lanes certainly not the indicators of a patient lifestyle. What about debt? We are a debt burdened society...instant gratification is what we desire. Why wait when you can buy now and pay later?

The Bible urges us to be patient. When we stay focused on the end result it is much easier to live a life of patience. James gives us the farmer as an example. Think about the farmers in this area. They must spend countless hours in the field. The farmer starts cultivating the soil. Preparing it for planting, a painstaking process. Once the seed is planted, the farmer must let the rains nourish them. The farmer does not see immediate fruit from his labor. In fact the farmer does not see the harvest for several months.

In our lives the reward of our patience is glorious. We know for a fact that the end is well worth the wait. As with anything the longer the wait, the more special the end. And your reward for patience? Jesus is coming again. When He comes the sacrifices of this life will be worth it all. By deepening your relationship with Jesus here and now you will find that glorious reunion all the sweeter.

So what should you do while you’re waiting? Don’t complain to others. Grumbling about the wait will not make it any shorter. And certainly the starting of unnecessary quarrels is not a proper way to pass the time.

We have examples from scripture from whom we can learn great lessons of patience. The prophets and Job come to mind. God rewarded them for their perserverance. Recognize the in-between times for they are a time of molding, a time of shaping, a time of strengthening and a time to see God’s mercy and grace revealed.

As a follower of Christ, our lives should be marked by integrity. As a person of integrity your words should match your character. In fact the believer’s word should be his oath. The character of the Christian should be marked by honesty, truthfulness, upright behavior and deep desire to please God.

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