Summary: God wants us to live in the light, not in darkness.

Some animals especially those in the ocean floor live in darkness. Some of them even do not have eyes since they live in darkness. Today we are going to talk about living in light. When we go outside in the sun and come back to shade, it takes some time for our eyes to get adjusted to the shade. Surely and eventually, we will. The sin of darkness often creeps upon us like that. When we first sin, it will prick our conscience very much, but the next time around, you are so much accustomed to the darkness that you do not even notice. However, Jesus wants to us to be living in light, to be precise in his presence. Are you listening?

1. Be imitators of God (vs.1)

We are living in a world, where we can find followers for all kinds of strange things. There are followers of pets, different artist activities, you name it, we have it in US. But how many people really want to imitate God. Can we truly live a life of love? Does living a life of love mean that we agree with people on all things? Not really. Give us up like a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. There are different types of fragrances, with different intensity. Are you an imitator of God or imitator of man? You are living in darkness, if you are imitator of men. If you are imitator of God, you are living in darkness. We know how a person living in darkness behaves. How do blind people get around? Since they cannot see, they will have to listen (if they are not deaf) and feel around with their stick to walk. They some times fall. Even we fall, even if we can see! Let us make a resolve to imitate God through living a life of loving and offering our life as a fragrant sacrifice for Lord.

2. Avoid having even a hint of immorality / impurity / greed (v.3)

The last item is especially tough for us to manage. The popular theme in US is “Greed is good”. As long as I can increase shareholder value, I am a good person. The challenging part is even a hint. These things are improper for Gods holy people. If you swim into the ocean, you can see light to about 200ft, from 200ft to 1000ft, you will have translucent light and some of the colors may be obscured (According to National Geographic). Below 1000ft and some ocean floors can be as 35000 ft deep, there is no light. When we talk about even having a hint, we are talking translucent light area. You think you are living in light, but some of the colors are obscured to you. You think you are going to church, you are doing the right things, but you still are not living in the bright light of Jesus Christ. Should we analyze our hearts today?

Read vs.5

3. Thanksgiving instead of coarse jokes or foolish talk (vs.4)

There are many talk shows in US television networks. There is nothing wrong with talking. However, the bible says in multitude of words comes possibility of sin.

4. Be wise, making the most of every opportunity (vs.15, 16)

Socrates once said “One who knows not that he knows not is a fool”. The big challenge is living a wise life to some times know that you don’t know and you need Gods help.

Read vs. 17-20

5. Living in light of eternity – Knowing that we will meet our savior again. (1 Peter 1:13)

Revelation 3:11


Tonight Christ is calling you, Wake up oh sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you. You can open your hands and hearts to accept Jesus or you can defiantly say that I don’t need this light. There comes a time, when you will have no option, but would have to stand before judgment.

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