Summary: 2 John gives us some specific commands on how we should live our lifes. Walk in love and Walk in Truth

2 John 1-13

Walk, Don’t Run


A. One of the least covered events in the Olympics is race walking. I remember watching it once on TV and laughing at it. Well then I tried to do it. I could not. (Demonstrate how to do it). Heather’s Pastor at Houghton was in the trials

B. We often try to run when we are told to walk

C. How many times have you been to a pool were there was not running and watched this little boys have the hardest time walking

D. We also do that in our lives as far as spiritual matters

E. Do not run ahead of the teaching of God

F. Sometimes it is better to take the slow approach so that we do not forget anything

G. There are two things that we often forget when we rush

a. Walking in Love

b. Walking in Truth

I. Walking in Love (4-6)

A. Explanation

1. I love how John begins vs. 4. Anyone who has been in ministry for any length of time understands what John is talking about

a) There is nothing greater then seeing people that you have ministered to walking in the truth

b) I received the list of my staff for this week at Edinboro and it is amazing out of the out of the 8 guy counselors I had 7 of them as campers

c) That is special to me. I thank God for that

d) That is what John is saying here

2. However, on a negative note, find only SOME. By mentioning that it means that not all are following the course that they are suppose to.

a) That is what makes you feel the worse in ministry, when there is someone that you have spent time with who are not walking in the truth. That makes your heart ache.

3. Here John goes again Walking in love (vs. 5)

a) I would like to sit in on a counseling session with John

b) I know what his advice would be LOVE

c) Love can conquered all

d) Love

4. John will not let that go, and good for him for keep reminding us

5. Notice how many times the word command appears in these three verses 3 times. You want to know why that is because John wants you to understand were his authority is coming from, it is also so that you realize these things are NOT options

6. John tells us to walk in love

B. Application

1. How do we walking love today?

2. WE have to understand something here.

3. We are perceived by many people as Bible Thumpers

4. This can lead to a problem

5. Sometimes knowledge can be a down fall

6. Understand that I am not saying anything against knowledge

a) If you have not been to Sunday School to learn, your missing a lot

b) In the fall we are planning to start another adult elective on “Becoming More Like Jesus”

c) WE are also in the initial phases of starting a training Academy, which will be an intensive and then some Bible study

d) Knowledge is very important

7. However, if we forget the command to love we run in to trouble

C. Illustration

1. Let me give you a positive example on what I am talking. Rev. Hazlet is a brilliant man. I was an ordination meeting with him and he had an answer for every question. This mans brain was amazing. However, I was sitting with him at lunch. He did not talk about his last exigecal study that he was performing. He was not interested in which herminiucal principles I applied to our study in first John and what did I do with the cultural variants found in 1 john. You want to know what he wondered about. How I was showing my love. He also was concerned with me as a person rather then my knowledge. He walked in love.

2. To walk in love. That is key

3. To do everything out of love

4. Sometimes we need our knowledge to steer a person on the correct course

5. Fortunately we have the knowledge

6. But how we use that knowledge is the question, It can not be used as some method to show are vast intellect

7. It needs only to be use out of love

8. Knowledge without love will turn of people

9. We do not need want or desire that.

10. Walk in Love

II. Walking in Truth (7-11)

A. Explanation

1. John begins this section with a warning

2. We have heard this warning before

3. It is talking about those who give false teaching.

a) These are the people who deny that Jesus Christ is coming in the flesh

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