Walking in the Light Means Separation From the World

1. Total Separation from the World is Commanded (:15a)

a. The nature of the separation --"do not love" an obligation, not an option for the believer

b. The extent of the separation -- total

1) From the world system

2) From the particular worldly things (detailed below)

2. An Examination of the World Proves that Love for the World and Love for God are Mutually Exclusive

a. Love for the world exposes a void of divine love (:15b)

b. 2 Proofs from an examination of the world

1) Because of the source of the things of the world they do not derive from God

a) lust of the flesh

b) lust of the eyes

c) pride of life

2) Because of the destiny of the world -- no eternal value

a) passing away

b) the contrast is that obedience which is the evidence of divine love and which abides forever

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