Summary: What does it really mean to "walk in the Spirit?"

Revisiting "Walking in The Spirit"

(Galatians 5:16-26)

We can view "walking in the Spirit" in differing ways. One concise way

to summarize the process I call the "5 Habits of Truly Spiritual

Christians." They are implied in this text (as well as surrounding

context), though some of them are expounded in more detail elsewhere.

Assumption: we are saved--truly born again (John 3) and have dedicated

ourselves to serve the Lord (Rom. 124:1-2).

I. Confession/Restoration (hinted at in Galatians 6:1, dealt with in detail in I John 1:8-9

and Psalm 51)

II. Cultivating:Accumulating the Materials withWhich the Spirit Will Build (16, 25)--

dealt with in more detail in Colossian 3:16, Rom. 8:5, 12:1-2, Psalm 1, I Thess. 5:16ff...

--things like a daily quiet time, church involvement, prayer, and "body life" are implied

here... ("An Active Passivity" Francis Shaeffer, True Spirituality, p.p.58-59)

III. Evaluating (Fruit Inspecting) (19-24)

1. Works (fruit) of the flesh are obvious/unashamed and blatant...

A. Sexual Sins:(1) sexual immorality/(2) impurity=uncleaness of mind

(3)debauchery =unrestrained living (15) orgies

B. Religious Sins: (4) idolatry=worship of images (5) witchcraft= casting of

spells, magic, use of drugs

C. Relational Sins: 6) hatred=hostility (7)discord=strife (8) jealousy (9) fits of

rage (10) selfish ambition (11) dissension(quarreling), (12) factions (being

divisive) (13) envy

D. Intentional Impairment (14) Drunkenness / (5)Witchcraft (drugs)

2. Fruit of the Spirit...

(1) love (agape) for God and others

(2) joy--happiness/sense of feeling blessed

(3) peace-calm

(4) patience--long-suffering--able to wait peaceably

(5) kindness--goodness

(6) gentleness--meekness; a submissive spirit

(7) self-control--the holding in of passions

IV. Reckoning (5:24 and 2:20) see also Rom. 6:11

V. Depending Upon the Spirit to Empower Us (16, 25; see also Zech.

4:6)--including waiting upon and listening!!!

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