Summary: What does it mean to walk in the Spirit?

We often teach and preach about the importance of ‘Walking in the Spirit’ but what exactly does that look like? Specifically, what should change in my life if I am walking in the Spirit? How do I do it and how do I know if I am walking in the Spirit?

1) To walk in the Spirit, we must first be aware of God’s Spirit and we must be aware that His Spirit resides in the life of the believer. We too often don’t act like we have God’s Spirit within us. We must spend time studying Who the Holy Spirit is, How He works in us, and How we are to respond to that. We must be aware of Him.

2) If I am walking in the Spirit I will look at things spiritually. I will take a spiritual application on a subject. My first response in any situation should be with God in mind. Problems that come my way, people that I meet, conversations that I have, blessings that I receive; all of these should be opportunities for me to grow in my relationship with my Savior.

3) I must feed the Spirit. When we feed the flesh we will think and respond in the flesh. When we feed the Spirit we will respond spiritually. I feed the Spirit by reading the Word of God, by studying the Word of God, by listening to teaching and preaching on the Word of God, etc. The Bible is our spiritual food.

4) I turn to the Spirit first in time of trouble. When I am faced with a crisis how do I respond? Where do I turn for help? When I am walking in the Spirit, I rely on the Spirit when troubles mount. I pray first. Instead of throwing up my hands in despair I rely on my faith and God’s promises.

5) I am offended by worldliness. When I am walking in the Spirit, I am offended by sin. I find that I am increasingly in contrast to culture. Light and Darkness have nothing in common, therefore I should be offended by culturally acceptable positions that are opposed the Scripture.

6) I am sensitive to my sin and desire to make quick confession. When I am walking in the Spirit I am quick to make confession to my sin. I will immediately understand that my relationship with my Savior is not what it should be because of the sin in my life. I will immediately repent and confess my sin as sin unto God.

7) I am growing and not complacent. When I am walking in the Spirit I will be growing in my relationship and knowledge of Christ. When I have no desire to grow or learn I should quickly reevaluate whether or not I am walking in the Spirit.

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