Summary: How do we walk in truth?

2 John 1.6 – Walking in Truth

V1 – We find John’s letter is written unto the church

• “elect lady”

o God has chosen us for His own.(purpose, possession, propitiation of Love[for later not now])

o We can try to run or run or fight, but in the end those that are His are those that have became the elect: through Him (cross) and by Him (empty tomb)

• “and her children”

o What does it mean to be a child of God?

 We think it sometimes a burden, or a chore that must be done. BUT

o As his child we are:

 Protected by God

 Cared for by God

 Loved by God

o Because we are His children and He is our Father-Daddy

• “whom I love in truth”

o Jesus said that He is the Truth and that he would send the spirit of Truth when he left.

o The love therefore is not a superficial love, but a love built in Christ that is more powerful than the common love of man.

o Our love of God and the Elect is a deeper love than that can be explained it can only be experienced first had through Him (the cross) and in Him (indwelling)

• “and not I only”

o Sometimes we feel all alone, no body understand, no one gets just how I feel… HE DOES, and you are not alone Christ is always with His children.

o We the Elect of Christ are here for each other, in a spiritual bond that is not nor cannot ever be broken, because it is in Christ alone.

• “also all they that have known the truth”

o It is a spiritual knowledge that bonds us together.

 Knowledge of Truths sake (v2a)

• The Cross

• Liberty

• Reckoning

• Grace

 Knowledge of the indwelling Truth (v2b)

• Regeneration

• Mercy

 Knowledge of the relationship of Truth (v2c)

• Peace

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