Summary: How can we make a difference in our world today. 3 ways to walk in a dark and desperate world.

There is absolutely no doubt that we are living in dark days. Watch the news for 10 minutes or read the front page of your daily paper. Certainly you will recognize that we are beriong bombearded with horrific stories. Evil is present with us and at times it seems to be winning.

How should we, as Christians, respond to this evil and darkness inour world? What can we really do to make a difference?

The difference is in our WALK. How we walk makes a world of difference.

Paul reveals several ways to walk in the book of Ephesians. In this text we see at least three ways to "walk".


A. As Christ Has Loved Us (V. 2)

B. Abiding In God’s Favor (V. 1-2)

C. Abstaining From Sin (V. 3-5)

D. Abounding in Thansgiving (V. 4)

The best way to communicate the truth of God’s Word and the power of God’s grace is through love. We must first love God, second love the brethren and finally we must love the lost. Walk in love as Christ walked in Love when he came to us, seeking to save the lost. Love will keep yu rom sin. Love will prevent you from harming others., Love will constrain your heart that you will not deny nor defy the Lord Jesus Christ.


A. Presenting a New Way To Live (V. 8)

B. Producing The Fruit Of Righteousness (V. 9)

C. Proving What Is Acceptable To God (V. 10)

D. Pushing Back The Darkness (V. 11-13)

The light is the glory of God. Walk in his gory and truth. The holiness of God produces spiritual light. When we are made partakerrs of that holiness (imputed by faith) we are called to walk in holiness (the light). John says that we should walk in the light as HE (Jesus) is in the light. Consider: Light reveals, Light Warms, Light creates life, Light is inviting and attractive, but light also exposes and makes manifest. Light always overpowers darkness never the other way around. Jesus tell us that we are the light of the world. We must let our light shine that the world can see Jesus.


A. With Caution

B. With Care

C. With Consistency :

1. Aware of the World’s Ways

2. Aware of Satan’s Wiles

3. Aware of Your Weaknesses

4. Aware of God’s Will.

God’s people must understand that we are MARKED. THe scripture teaches that we are ’sealed’ by the Holy Spirit and we are also marked by the world. Jesus said that the world would hate us because it hates him. Knowing this we should be wise in walk. The old devil would love to trip us up, to trap us in a snare, to destroy our witness and our confidence. Look Out! Thedays are evil and we must be cautious and careful. Be deliberate in your actions and your intents, being careful not to bring reproach upon the kingdom of God.

We Must Exercise CAUTION (VERSE 15)

We Must REDEEM the time (VERSE 16)

We Must UNDERSTAND The Will Of God (VERSE 17)

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