Summary: This is New Year sermon looking at the life of Enoch and applying the life lessons on walking with God

Walking with God.

As we enter into a new year we look afresh into the future year with new goals for 2003. I wonder what our aims are in 2003? Look at the worlds aims and goals for 2003, personal aims such as packing in smoking or drinking, beginning physical exercise, losing weight etc. These are good and wise things to do but they are all self centred looking inward on improving ones own health or physical appearance.

In the business world, there are those who 2003 is about making bigger gains most of the large business empires will have this in their sights increasing consumer spending to increase their own profits.

Then their those who for 2003 is about making a clean start turning away from problems and trials and starting afresh looking for true happiness.

Gen 5.21-24. (Enoch was a man who had a fresh start) We also have a fresh start n Christ.The example of Enoch had as one of the Patriarchs (tribal leaders of Israel who lived before the time of Moses.)


Here we have the genealogy of the early patriarchs. What stands out is their long lives ( Dynasties, genetically pure, probably because of the water expanse keeping out cosmic rays, also the fact that God gave longer lives to populate the earth.)

Enoch was the 7th from Adam the father of Methuselah living 969 years the oldest human ever and then Enoch living 365 years the youngest lived around half the life of the people in his day. Yet in retrospect he still lives today for Enoch never saw death for God took him V24! But surely its Enoch himself who stands out in this long genealogy. Here, we shall focus our mind and heart upon and apply this part of Scripture to our own lives. What does God desire from us? To “walk with God”

Micah 6. 8. He has showed you O man what is good. And what does the Lord require of you ? To act justly and walk humbly with your God.

1.Enoch walked with God v24 only two men are spoken of as those who walked with God Enoch who predicted the flood and Noah who survived it.

Who likes long walks? Refreshing! Especially with good company!Sometimes in the walk of life do you find yourself grumble as you become tired? Enoch walked with God for 300 years.He persevered, this isn’t a literal walk with God as (God in the garden of Eden Gen3:8.) but that Enoch’s whole life was one which was devoted to Godliness. Enoch’s life was a holy life (set apart), with communion with God. In everything (day to day) he would set God before him knowing that the living God is watching every area and detail of his life. He Lived according to Gods precepts and divine will all his actions were governed to the end of pleasing his God.

Gods plan from the begining has been that his people walk with Him. It takes obedience and discipline.

Deut 8:6A A journey which should take 11days for Israel became a wander for 40 years, but now are called to walk in obedience into the promised land.

1a.Enoch kept in step with God. Are we today walking with God? I must confess at times my own life is not what it should be.I am not always walking with God. At times I fail God and my heart cries out for a closer walk with God. At times I work in my own strength and God is distant.Why?

We are often like the child who when walking with their parents they either have the tendancy to lag behind their parents kicking their heels or even run ahead doing their own thing for instance.

1. Maybe we’ve been walking for so long we’ve stopped and were tired and are reluctant to go on, were failing in zeal in our communion with God and we have become distant. And we appear to be walking alone.(footsteps illustration)


2.Sometimes its our natural abilities and inclinations can runaway with us and we run ahead of God in our enthusiasm we begin to do the work in our own strength. we need to turn back towards Him and walk with him. Iremeber when I was first converted the Elders said I was like a horse on a bit!” It turned out it was my will Lord be done so often, my agenda and not really God’s and I needed to be slowed down.

Life application for each one of us that in every avenue of your life and fellowship here.

I pray that you “will walk with God” seeking his will, knowing his guidance, and his hand upon all your labours.


Psalm 127:1. Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain.

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