Summary: A plan for how to walk with God.

Walking With God

Gen 5:24

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. Gen 5:24 (KJV)

This verse we read today in our Bibles is a short verse. Amongst all the geologies of from Adam where we read "and he died" multiple times it almost seems as if you could pass over this whole section as a little piece of insignificant human history for every man born of woman will have the same testimony "and he died." Without doing anything at all. I know that because the Bible say "it is appointed unto man once to die" so it stands to reason we are all headed for the same fate as everyone mentioned here and we die. But what if we don't? As strange as that would sound to today's society what if we don't? For among all these whose testimony is they died, one man didn't...Enoch. Why didn't Enoch die? Before I go into this, there may be some theologians in here that would say well he did die He was just so close to the Lord that he didn't acknowledge that he died, he just stepped over, and his earthly body fell dead. Really well let me burst your bubble the book of Hebrews says He was not found, so obviously they formed a search party to go see if they could find the body and there was none found. Just like when the rapture takes place, you will not find my body here on in the grave because God will take it. It is His, He purchased it so He has every right to take it. So why did Enoch not die, as seemed to be the popular thing in his day? I know the answer and this is very deep theology. The reason that Enoch never died was because he lived. I don't mean he just existed he lived, my Bible says that Enoch walked with God which means he lived more than any man lived as the apostle Paul said for me to live is Christ. The is only two men in all of the Bible that the Bible specifically says they walked with God, and both of those men were spared from death in unique ways. Now this lets me know a couple of things. First), Because there were only 2 men in the entire Bible that had the testimony that they walked with God it leads me to believe that there is not as many of you walking with God as you think. Secondly), I find by looking at these men who did walk with God there is some things required to walk with God, and I don't believe a lot of church people have the discipline to do these things. I do not believe that these men were half-hearted Christians, I don't believe they were just Sunday Christians, I don't believe these men just gave God some kind of lip service but they were wholly surrendered to God's will. The Bible specifically says out of the 365 years of Enoch life, He spent at least 300 of those years walking with God. We don't know a great deal about Enoch, but just knowing he walked with God 300yrs, lets me know the kind of man he was. Most of us haven't walked with God 300 minutes. Our walk with God is sort of like us walking through a crowded airport with some stranger beside us that we ever so often look at and say do you know what time it is? The only time we ever look His direction is when we want something. I think it is imperative that we learn how to walk with God, but not just learning how to do it but learning to do it. I am going to preach "Walking with God" I hope the Word will encourage you today to do it. I want you to notice:

I. A Commenced Walk-The name Enoch means initiated, or brought it about. Enoch initiated the walk. It began with-

A. A Desire- Do you have the desire to walk with God, do you want to walk with Him. I will say that you will never walk with God until you get saved. Maybe through Adam, Seth or Enos, Enoch had heard of God. Seth’s line was the Godly line. What he heard about God caused a desire in his heart to be close to this God. God will not force himself upon you. You have to have a desire to be in His company. (a couple of time in the Bible, Jesus passed by and would have kept going, but the people requested His company Luke 24:28-29)

B. A Determination- He was determined to be more than his ancestors. I am not talking who's better or who's best. I am not talking about pride. I want to be closer to God whether you are or not. He dared to be different. I am not talking about arrogance, but a determination to walk as close to God as you can. That was Enoch, his desire created a determination, and he was so determined that he said God can I walk with you?

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