Summary: Your search for significance must begin by walking with God.

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A sure sign that you’re getting older occurs when you find that you can no longer keep up with technology. Back in the 80s and 90s if you walked into a home and discovered a VCR with the time flashing at 12:00 you could safely assume that the owner was over fifty years of age. I knew I was getting old a few years ago when my associate pastor asked me if I’d be interested in having his Palm Pilot. It’s the ancestor of the Blackberry, I think. He had received it as a gift, but never used it. Once you get to know me you’ll come to see that I accept nearly anything that’s free. I jumped at the chance to have that Palm Pilot because it was free and I wanted to be more organized.

There was only one little hitch with the Palm Pilot. It had no instruction manual. I assumed that I was technologically savvy enough to figure it out, but after about a week of carrying it around, I couldn’t break the code. I gave it back to him and told that I didn’t really need it either.

If I’d only had that manual I could probably have figured it out. Even better, if I’d have had an expert on that particular model of Palm Pilot instructing me how to use it I could have mastered that thing quickly. But in the end, not knowing what to do, I just gave up.

I’ve noticed that most people live that way too. At one point we all had dreams of making a difference with our lives. We thought that surely God created us for a purpose and that we’d find it and eventually live it out. We all have hopes that our lives will be significant somehow, some way. But after trying unsuccessfully, most of us give up, settle down, and mark time. The problem is that there’s no manual to tell us how to do something significant with our lives.

The good news is that there’s a Person who offers His expert instruction on how to do what we were designed for. There is only One who knows how we were created and for what purpose because He is our Creator. The quest for a life that matters, that makes an impact for good, and influences others begins in connection to Him. Your search for significance must begin by walking with God.

In the 2 millennia between Adam and Noah only one man stood out as having lived a life of significance. All the rest came and went. They were born, raised their families, and died and that was it. It’s a gloomy picture of generations just going through the motions one monotonous year after another. In the middle of it all there’s one man who interrupts the pattern, one man who impacted and influenced generations. His name was Enoch and the thing that sets him apart from everyone else of his age was that he walked with God. We’re going to take our cue from him this morning. I want to encourage you to follow his example because your search for significance must begin by walking with God.

The problem with the story of Enoch is that the Bible tells us very little about him. We know that he walked with God and he was no more. That’s about it in Genesis. He seems to have been famous, however, from ancient times. Sumerian records list a king who was taken to the home of the Gods. The Mesopotamian work, The Epic of Gilgamesh, contains a character named Utnapishtim who was give immortality and taken from the earth by the gods. These were probably corrupted memories of a real person, Enoch.

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