Summary: This is a series on walking in the love.

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i. Because God is Love

ii. Why don’t we see more fruit from this? 2 reasons

1. People don’t understand what showing the love of God is. They put their own understanding on what it is and of course they aren’t prepared to do that…

a. Paul tells us that pretty much every action, in and of themselves are not what makes people walk in love.

i. Giving away all my goods to the poor and not have love it profits me nothing?

ii. People are doing it or are afraid of doing it because they think they understand what people mean when they ask people to show love. IT’S MORE THAN WHAT YOU THINK.

2. Because we haven’t been believing this but the fact is LOVE…the selfless promotion of others is applying GOD DIRECTLY TO THE PERSON.

b. It is the one sure fire way to make sure your faith doesn’t work

i. Faith doesn’t work without the selfless promotion of others…it is dependent on love in order to work.

ii. You can’t treat people badly and expect your faith to reach out and pull in the blessings of God

c. It is HOW people know you’re a Christian!

i. John 13:35 – by this shall ALL MEN know that you are my disciples, if you have LOVE ONE TO ANOTHER

ii. Not the fish on your car, not the signs and wonders you operated in, not your dreams and visions, not your history of growing up in church, not your impressive vocabulary of Christianese, not by the spiritual gifts you operate in or the crying you do in the presence of God. It’s not your faith, it’s not your fruit in other areas…it is your love you have for each other!

1. You can’t selflessly promote someone else without the love of God….some of you are confused by this because you are trying to apply human love to this equation.

a. Adding 3+3=9

b. ADDING IS NOT WHAT YOU NEED …It’s multiplication to get to 9.

c. Human love cannot selflessly promote someone else

2. We can’t show the world we are his disciples by loving with Human love. It is only the love of God.

a. How do you know the difference?

b. Human love receives the benefit and really only sees it’s OWN benefit.

i. It will tell someone it loves them because of how it makes themselves feel.

ii. It’s gifts are always beneficial to itself

iii. You want to be a light to the world treat people in the world with the Love of God

1. Without expecting a return

2. Without a condition

3. Not because they deserved it, but because their life was bettered because they crossed your path.

d. It is the evidence that you are saved

i. 1 John 3:14 WE KNOW that we have passed from death unto life, BECAUSE WE LOVE THE BRETHREN He who does not love his brother abides in death.

1. Doesn’t say we THINK

2. Doesn’t say my opinion of how to know

3. Here is my theory of how to tell if we’re Christians

4. This is what I have figured out.

ii. John said we KNOW because we LOVE the brethren.

iii. Not talking about physical death…we haven’t passed from that. John is talking about spiritual death. Being separated from God.

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