Summary: The 3rd in the series on the Holy Spirit. This one covers walking in the Spirit and being in agreement with the Lord and fellow believers.

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Walking with the Lord

JCC 25.04.10 pm

Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Two people must be in agreement to get anywhere in life

Two in a business partnership

Two in a marriage


If you are is disagreement, then it will not work out

The Holy Spirit brings a harmony among the church through the fruit of the Spirit

Agree on what really matters

You may not like everything your partner or spouse does, but it shouldn’t stop you going in the same direction

Three things needed for two to walk in agreement

1. Departure

2. Direction

3. Destination

1. Departure:

The first thing about walking with someone is the place of departure

If you are going somewhere with someone, you agree to meet at a point to begin your journey

At the airport you have to meet at the departure gate that will take you to the correct destination

It’s no good meeting for a flight to Spain if your destination is America

The meeting place or departure with the Lord, is the cross, because our destination is heaven

When we stand at the crossroads of our life and acknowledge that we have walked the wrong path

We have walked the way of the world

You realise that the direction you are going is not the way of the Lord

And there you wait until he takes your hand and says, ‘come with me’

Depart from the road you on and take the route he wants you to have

There is a lovely verse hidden in a very dull chapter in Gen 5

We read all the genealogies since Adam, and then we get to verse 24

And Enoch walked with God.....

There has to come a time in my life and yours when we depart from the path we are treading and begin to walk with God

Only you know if you are walking with Him

Jesus spoke about two roads

One being wide which led to death and a narrow road that leads to life

Matt 7:13-14 the road that leads to life Jesus said only a few find it

The Holy Spirit reveals the right road to us

Those of the Spirit walk in step with the Spirit

But many walk the way of the world, the way of the carnal nature

The road of religion

As I said this morning, the way to hell is paved with good intentions

But good intentions are not the right direction

Make sure your departure is from the cross

2. Direction:

If you are walking with someone, then the direction you are going must be the same

What path or road to take has to be agreed upon

It’s no use saying you are walking with someone if you want to go one way and they choose another

What use is that?

It is the same when God calls us to walk with him

God calls us to walk daily with him

How do we know which path to walk?

The Bible calls tells us that the word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path Ps 119:105

God’s word is what will keep us on the correct path

Paul said, walk in the Spirit

Gal 5:16 I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh

Gal 5:25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit

Rom 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit

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