Summary: You can bring down the walls of your Jericho!

Walls Of Jericho/ Joshua 6: 1-27 by: Rev. Chris Norton MAY 2008

I want to talk to you tonight about your city of Jericho. Maybe tonight your city of Jericho is some habit you just can’t break because it is surrounded by Walls of weakness. Maybe tonight your city of Jericho is some sickness or affliction you just can’t get your healing because it is surrounded by walls of doubt or lack of faith. Maybe tonight in your city of Jericho God has given you a promise or told you to do something but the city is surrounded by a lack of trust in God. Tonight you can see those walls collapse and you can take your city of Jericho.

Now Joshua was told by the commander of the Lord’s army to go down to Jericho. Notice how when God has a plan he usually wants you to move. Remember he told Jeremiah get and go down to the potter’s house. He told Joshua get up and go down to Jericho. When you are praying to God and tells you to get up and go. You can forget getting an answer until you go where God tells you to go. If Joshua had not went down to Jericho the walls would still be standing to day.

Then God gave directions to Joshua what he was to do when he got there. He was to march around the walls of Jericho once a day for six days while the priests were blowing the ram’s horn trumpets. If Joshua had marched half way around the walls it is likely nothing would have happened. However if he had only marched half way around God may have delivered him to the king. If Joshua had marched seven times around the wall the first day it would not have done him any good. When God has given you your orders if you want you answer or you want that blessing you better follow those orders to the letter.

Now I can imagine those men under Joshua’s command. You want us to do what? Have you seen those walls? We are not skilled soldiers. What do you think walking ourselves to death around the walls of this city is going to accomplish? No the Bible does not say that even one person said anything but you know there must have been doubters in the camp just like there is here tonight. That’s how we are today we sit around in the church with our lips saying I know God will bless me, I know God will heal me, I know God can handle my burdens all the while our hearts are far from the truth. That is what is wrong with us today that the walls around our Jericho are still standing we are doubters pouters and do with outers.

Stand in the face of your enemy and say my God can conquer all things and there is no hope for you devil. I will win this battle because the Lord said it, I believe it and that makes it so. March around your walls of Jericho tonight and claim what God has promised you. When you have done exactly what God has told you with variation from the plan the walls will come tumbling down.

Old Joshua he began to march just like God had said. After day one nothing happened inside they were probably laughing at Joshua and having a good old time. Day two still nothing happened. Day three they marched and still nothing happened. Day four they marched now this is getting ridiculous here we are wearing out our shoe leather If God was going to do something it would have already happened. That’s the way we are, well God of you are not going to give it to me when I want it I will just do without. Day six old Joshua I just feel like something good is about to happen I just like something good is on its way. Day seven they begin to march silent then lap seven they begin to shout. Now the Bible does not say what they shouted but I believe that might have been shouting Glory hallelujah praise the Lord. And what happened praise the Lord the walls came down and they went in and took the city because they did what God told them to and God did what he said he would. You can bring down the walls around your Jericho tonight. All you have to do is be obedient to God’s plan.

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