Summary: The church is still a great mystery to some.....

I. Presentation of the Mystery (1-6)

A. Progressive

1. ‘Musterion’ – hidden truth only revealed

to some

a. Christ is revealed

b. So is the mystery

2. Taken from mystery religions (Masons)

a. Everyone doesn’t have the knowledge

b. Only select ones are taught

B. Prophetic – Apostles & Prophets

C. The Church – all in one body

II. Preaching of the Mystery (7-9)

A. Given to People (to spread the message)

1. ‘Least of all saints’

2. 1 Peter 1:12 “angels wish to look into”

3. By the grace of God

B. Points to Christ

1. ‘Unfathomable riches of Christ’

2. His work on the cross that brings


III. Purpose of the Mystery (10-13)

A. Revelation – to angels (10)

1. “Principalities & powers’

2. Reveals the wisdom of God

B. Redemption – for mankind (11-13)

1. Accomplished in Christ

2. Access to the Father

3. Encouragement for the Saints

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