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Summary: It’s tough to be a teenager today. I wrote this series of messages for our new 7th graders graduating into teenage life. The third installment of this series takes a looks at the struggle of self esteem that everyone (including adults) face on a daily bas

I Wanted to Die

I tried to commit suicide seven times. That’s what depression—at its deepest and darkest—can do to you.

by Mandy Bennett* as told to Mark Moring

The alarm clock jolted me awake at 5 o’clock, way earlier than usual. Normally, I might’ve groaned, shut it off, and gone back to sleep. But not this time. I bounced right out of bed, dressed quickly and went downstairs.

I was going to kill myself.

I went to the bathroom medicine cabinet and grabbed every pill I could find.

I was ready to check out of this lousy world. But my parents heard me rummaging around, and they came downstairs and busted me big time.

I guess I’d have to try again some other day.

And I did. Again and again and again. I tried to commit suicide seven times between the ages of 13 and 17.

That’s what depression—at its deepest and darkest—can do to you.

I. What’s the big deal about self esteem

a. Self esteem comes for comparing yourself to others

i. We look at the popular crowd and realize we will never be that popular

ii. We are not satisfied with our bodies because the world has told us we should look a different way

b. We feel that we must accomplish something to build self esteem

i. Be the best jock

ii. Be the most popular

II. The Picture of low self esteem

a. The Imposter – Acts happy and successful, but is afraid of failure

b. The Rebel – Acts like the opinions or good will of others doesn’t matter

c. The Loser – Acts helpless and unable to cope with the world and wants someone to come to the rescue

III. What the Bible Says about Self Esteem

a. God knows me Completely – vss. 1-6

b. God is with us always – vss. 7-12

c. God created us for a purpose – vss. 13-18

IV. How to build your self esteem

a. Remember, God made us in His image – Genesis 1:26, 31

b. Let people encourage you

i. I love you all

ii. Stop hanging out with those that are not an encourage you

c. Focus on yourself

i. Caution: the opposite of low self esteem is being egotistical

ii. Don’t compare yourself to other, just be yourself

d. Reject the world’s view of who they think you should be

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