Summary: A message reaffirming to the saints that we are to be DEAD to our sins, but ALIVE in Christ Jesus. This is how God "wants" us.

Stand & Read - Romans 6:1-11

?What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace might increase? [2] May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it? [3] Or do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus have been baptized into His death? [4] Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, in order that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life. [5] For if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall be also in the likeness of His resurrection, [6] knowing this, that our old self was crucified with Him, that our body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin; [7] for he who has died is freed from sin. [8] Now if we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him, [9] knowing that Christ, having been raised from the dead, is never to die again; death no longer is master over Him. [10] For the death that He died, He died to sin, once for all; but the life that He lives, He lives to God. [11] Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.?

?WANTED: Dead AND Alive!?



A drunk stumbled along a baptismal service on Sunday afternoon down by the river. He proceeded to walk down into the water and stood next to the Preacher. The minister turned and noticed the old drunk and said, "Mister, Are you ready to find Jesus?? The drunk looks back and says, "Yes, Preacher. I sure am.?

The minister then took the drunk into the tank and dunked the fellow under the water and pulled him right back up. "Have you found Jesus?" the preacher asks. "No, I didn?t!" says the drunk. The preacher then dunks him under for quite a bit longer, brings him up and says, "Now, brother, have you found Jesus?? "No, I did not Preacher.? The preacher in disgust holds the man under for at least 30 seconds this time brings him out of the water and says in a harsh tone, "Friend, are you sure you haven?t found Jesus yet??

The old drunk wipes his eyes and says to the preacher..."Are you sure this is where he fell in?"

For this poor gentleman?he did know what he had gotten himself into?

And unfortunately, when we begin to talk of baptism?we sometimes may not know what we are getting ourselves into either?

However?this morning we are going to take part in a POWERFUL baptism service?either by being baptized, or?

-Worshipping and celebrating along with many of our friends and family members here this morning?

-And for these candidates?they DO know what they have gotten themselves into!


Today?I want to take a look into something that leads us to WATER BAPTISM?and the participation in it?

I want to take a look at what Paul wrote of in Romans 6?

As we read?we notice that Paul was challenging some dangerous theology?and feelings of melancholy towards the issue of sin.

-There was a dangerous thought at that time, among those people, that it was permissible for people to continue on in their sin AND YET remain secure from any condemnation?all because of the GRACE of God through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice!

-And Romans 6 is Paul?s answer to that confused doctrine?.


Therefore?I want to propose to you this morning that we are

?Wanted: Dead AND Alive!?

This is how Christ prefers us in reference to our sin AND our relationship with Him!

This is God?s formula for our lives in Him.

We have all seen posters that have been posted?looking for a certain ?quality? member of our society?and they are listed??Wanted!?

-Back in the days of the ?Old West??people would be warranted as wanted, ?Dead or Alive??

-That is why we can relate to God?s ?warrant? for us?

WANTED: Dead AND Alive!!!

We know that God does want to see us in this condition from the Scriptures?

From one of the most basic, and popular passages of Scripture in the Bible, we read??For God so loved the world?? - John 3:16

-So very basically?we know that God does desire life for us!!!

-Not just life, but eternal life! And life abundantly!!! John 10:10

John 6:47-48

"Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes has eternal life. [48] "I am the bread of life.?

John 14:6

?Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.?

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