Summary: This sermon teaches us the importance of being an encourager to other believers.

Peter encouraged the persecuted believers to whom he wrote. God still needs encouragers in today’s church. What can we learn from Peter?

1. We can learn from Peter the Man.

A. Peter was a common man.

-He was a fisherman (Mt. 4:18).

-He was an untrained leader (Acts 4:13).

Consider how God uses common people in His


B. Peter was a changed man.

“Simon”- This was Peter’s pre-conversion name.

“Peter”- Peter was his post-conversion name.

Cephas is the Aramaic name for Peter(which

means rock.) Peter became a rock in the

early church. (John 1:42)

Consider the changes that occured in order

for Peter to change from a reluctant disciple

to a bold disciple.


- The filling of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8)

- Jesus faithful support of him (Mt. 4:19)

C. Peter was a called man… He was called to be

an ”apostle”.

Remember: all of us are called.

D. Peter was knowledgeable about his subject.

Peter was writing people who were suffering

persecution. In Acts 4 & 12 we read about

Peter’s suffering for the faith.

Who was better qualified to encourage

suffering saints than a man who had been


God uses the experiences of our

lives to encourage others (through us).

(II Cor. 1:4)

2. We can learn from Peter’s Mission.

A. Peter wrote people who were scattered by

persecution(1:1). I Peter seems to be

addressed to both Jews and Gentile believers.

- “Dispersion” (1:1)- scattered Jews

- 2:10- Gentile believers

B. Peter wrote to people who felt like strangers.

He calls them sojourners(1:17). Believers are

strangers in this world.

C. Peter wrote people who were suffering for

their faith. (See 2:19-23; 3:14,17-18,4:13,

15-16,19; 5:1,9,10)

People who are scattered, alienated and suffering

need encouragement and a word of hope.

3. We can learn from Peter’s Message.

A. Peter offered a message of hope.

(See 1:3,13,21; 3:15)

B. Peter taught that God is in control in spite

of suffering. The word “glory” is used often

in I Peter. God will bring glory to His name

in spite of our hardships.

(see 1:7,8,21,24; 4:11,13,14; 5:1,4,10,11)

He is always in control, even we think Him not

to be.

C. Peter taught that God’s grace is sufficient.

(see 1:2,10,13; 3:7; 4:10; 5:5,10,12)

1. Grace strengthens (II Cor. 12:1-10)

2. Grace helps us overcome weaknesses

(I Cor. 15:9-10)

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