Summary: Expose on witchcraft and how to overcome it


Luke 11:21-26

There is always a need to pray and war a warfare against evil reinforcement of witchcraft powers against the children of God.

Remember the bible says upon mount Zion there shall be deliverance and the children of Israel will inherit their inheritance. If you are not a child of Zion (i.e be born again, you can’t receive deliverance through the Holy Ghost and the name of Jesus).

Many of us come to church and fellowships just to seek signs, wonders and miracles. The bible says in Psalm 103:7, ‘He made known his ways unto Moses; His acts unto the children of Israel.’

God showed His ways to Moses, and to the children of Israel. He revealed His works. The children of Israel were equipped to only receive the result of what God is doing; that is, signs and wonders, but they never bothered to know Him as a person. They knew God’s works but they never knew His face like Moses.

In the same vain, many of us just want that quick miracle or solution, rather than a proper walk with God with Jesus.

Once you pray yourself out of a long standing problem and you don’t take time to study and meditate on God’s word in prayer, reinforcements come from the enemy, and they come with greater strength (Matthew 12:43-44).

Why talk about evil reinforcements? Look at Proverbs 4:14-17. The wicked never relent!

Because of this, for those who are reading this, prayers are going to bring you back to favour and out of satanic witchcraft manipulation in Jesus name.

These prayers should be prayed even more aggressively by those with the specific cases mentioned below;

1. Those having repeated cases of fibroid, miscarriages, blood spotting,

2. Those seeing masquerades and snakes in their dreams

3. Those experiencing recurring sicknesses,

4. Children of kings and queens and village chieftains who are experiencing closed heaven,

5. Those who have experienced financial advancement in the past, but it all looks like the gains are being unwound,

6. Those experiencing witchcraft marks and signs on their bodies, and also those experiencing cobwebs, strange reptiles and flies, cockroaches (in strange formation) around the house.

Prayers: (1 Chronicles 16:20-24)

Psalm 87:17. Show me a sign for good, that those who hate me may see it and be ashamed, because you Lord, have helped me and comforted me.

• I charge myself with fire in Jesus name (Zechariah 2:5). My mouth, receive Holy Ghost fire.

• Lord, clothe me with fire that the enemy cannot overcome or gainsay.

• By the fire of the HolyGhost, every witchcraft and wizard reinforcement and re-enchantment against me, die in Jesus name.

• You hornets of God, drive out every witchcraft manipulation against me in Jesus name.

• After the order of Sennacharib, every evil accuser of my destiny, be destroyed by the angels of God in Jesus name.

• Every re-established witchcraft barrier blocking my advancement/manifestation, be removed by the bulldozer of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

• Every evil checkpoint, checkmating my breakthrough and finances, be dismantled by the hand of God.

• Every evil reinforcement against my destiny from the pits of hell, be pushed back by the whirlwind of God.

• Every evil court of appeal overturning my miracles and twisting my testimonies be disbanded by the fire of God in Jesus name.

• I curse to die, every personality of witchcraft, unrelenting in my case in Jesus name.

• Every witchcraft congregation gathering to enforce failure in my life, be scattered by the thunder of God.

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