Summary: How does a Christian view war?

Do you remember when Pearl Harbor was bombed? Korea? Vietnam? 1st Gulf War? 12 yrs ago

War is on our minds a lot these days – peace protests, demonstrations, seeing dead and dying on television

It raises the question whether war is right, whether it is just, whether it is part of God’s plan, what is our part in all this

Tough questions – Bible addresses them

Bible is full of some of the best stories ever told – better than any novel, not only because they are interesting but they are true too – mystery, intrigue

Also get to see the darker side of mankind – war

Remember that at one time in Israel’s history, God commanded His people to make war

Joshua, Saul – no Geneva convention, everyone was considered a combatant – Joshua 6:20-21

Look at the Preface to Joshua in Concordia Self-study bible

We have to see that in its historical and biblical context –God is in charge of everything, more importantly story of redemption (culmination of Exodus), God looking out for His people (prevent idolatry)

There is a place for war in the life of the Christian

- God hasn’t told us to do to others what He told to the Israelites

- However, He has given governments the power of the sword to defend its citizens (Romans 13:1-4)

- A Christian can serve in the military without sinning when called upon to kill

- Isaiah 1:17 – Seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the cause of the widow – compassion

Armageddon – coming of Jesus to vanquish His enemies once and for all – judge all people - our battle is not against flesh and blood – Ephesians 6:12 – spiritual battle

Look forward to no war – Jesus comes back – Old and New Testament lessons tell of this time

Remember and trust God’s promises to protect us in this war and those to follow, watch over us through the trials in our live and to guide us to our heavenly home where we are no longer subject to the consequences of war

But we act in this spiritual war as well – we show compassion to those in need, share the message of Jesus’ love and protection with those who don’t acknowledge it


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