Summary: The resurrection did not end on Monday. The events of Sunday continue 24/7 in our lives. We need to remember yesterday, so we can grow today and tomorrow. The two men on the road to Emmaus needed to remember yesterday so they could Jesus today.

Warm and Comfortable the Day after Easter?

It is getting to the point that we may need to turn the A/C on during the day, but the evening air might be a little cool. As we kick off our shoes and reach for the newspaper or maybe a cup of hot chocolate we get that comfortable cozy feeling.

We are home and all is well. The day’s problems will be there tomorrow, but tonight is a time to relax and forget about all its problems.

Matthew 6:34 (NLT) “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

We maybe don’t worry too much, but we do have some concerns about what tomorrow might bring, don’t we? There are problems and events that we know are going to happen to us and about us that may not be what we want or expect.

We can let ourselves get so worked up over what might happen that we can’t sleep or think about anything else.

I have jobs where I had to commute some distances to and from work myself. It can be very tiresome and costly, but the benefit is that it gives you time to think about the day’s events. If you have someone with you, you can talk it over and get someone else’s point of view.

Luke 24:13-35 brings us to this very important point that happened 2,000 years ago. The day’s problems and events brought two men to a troubling discussion as they headed home at the end of the day.

Luke 24:13-35

I always talk about tunnel vision and this is a perfect example of tunnel vision. The very subject of their conversation is standing right in front of these two men and they don’t see Him.

We can get so caught up in our own thoughts and ideas that we do not see what is right in front of us.

These two men were believers, they may not have believed Jesus was the Son of God, but they considered Him as a prophet and powerful in word and deed of God. 100 per cent disciples, no, but they knew that Jesus was special and that He had true disciples. Was He their Messiah, deliverer and King? I don’t think they were convinced as yet. They were still in the believing and learning stages of their faith, just as we do.

If you have not noticed yet, Jesus can only be in one place at a time. His mood of transportation has taken on a different look and feel, but still only one place at a time. Locked doors and distance is no longer a problem, He has taken on some of the spiritual properties of His God-ness hasn’t He?

(Come-on Holy Spirit)

When they received the blessed food, they saw who this man really was. All the chit-chat, all the hospitality and manners were set aside now, their comfort, relaxation and their weariness was gone. Their lives had just been changed. They had met the Master.

They were at the end of their day, evening had set in and it was about seven miles down a dark lonely dangerous road back to Jerusalem.

In verse 33 it says they got up and returned at once to the city. At once, not in the morning when they had rested and the sun was shining and it was safe to travel. At once, it says.

They knew that they had been the presence of the Son of God, the Christ, the Alfa and Omega and they had to tell somebody. They went first to the believers.

The disciple and other believers were given the good news. Why, Why, Why. So their faith would be strengthen, their excitement of resurrection would continue not just through Sunday, but thought the rest of the week, months and years and through their life.

The Easter Resurrection is not just a one-day celebration. It is not a single event for the year; it is a celebration for the entire life-time of the WORLD.

At the end of the day, these men, got up and went back to minister to the hurting, the ones that felt just as they did, that they had been abandoned and betrayed by the death of Jesus.

Being in the trenches of everyday life sometimes makes it hard to see and hear what is going on. It is hard to see the big picture when you are the one digging the ditch.

All most every Sunday I ask Dian about the service. Of course you know she says it was wonderful, the best she has ever heard . . . right!

Most of the time she doesn’t have an in-depth answer. She is in the trenches running the computer and trying to stay with the timing of the songs and the reading of scripture. She does not hear what you hear. She does not see what you see. She is concentrating on how you hear and see the message and not so much on what you hear and see. Does that make sense to you?

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