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2 SAMUEL 20:11-13

One of Joab’s men stood beside Amasa and said, “whoever favors Joab, and whoever is for David, let him follow Joab!” Amasa lay wallowing in his blood in the middle of the road, and the man saw that all the troops came to a halt there. When he realized that everyone who came up to Amasa stopped, he dragged him from the road into a field and threw a garment over him. After Amasa had been removed from the road, all the men went on with Joab to pursue Sheba son of Bicri.

A wave of churches ‘splitting’ has been rampant within our region which has seen once larger congregations disintergrate into small splinter cells. Many senior pastors have been utterly affected while others continued as though it was a fly at the tail of a cow that had flown away. I admire those pastors who have taken courage with the splitting issues and continued with the gospel. On the other hand, I do pity all those struggling under the effects of the ‘rebellion’ and wish them quick recovery so that they can get composed in their duties and responsibilities.

It is a big shame for those who go fighting and confronting each other physically in matters that concern church work. In the devotion above, the young man was campaigning for Joab but seemingly, in the wrong way. He wanted to win people’s sympathies and he got it since the troops never followed Joab until the body of Amasa was removed from the highway. This is not the time for the church to start showing off. God is not happy with a stagnant church; one that is proud of being equipped to the teeth. This is not the time to tell the world how our ministries is equipped with the state-of-the-art PA systems. The people are hungry for the word and not for instruments. In any case the restaurants are also equipped.

God is happy with that ministry on the move. Its time for us to campaign for Christ Jesus and not to show the world what the devil has done to our lives and to our families. A dead business is as good as dead and therefore you should stop showing the world what the economy has done to your enterprise. Wake up and go on! Believers who admire platefuls of food, end up spilling the food- eat first, then admire the utensils later on, given time. If the ministry you are serving has split dear, wake up and go on. You may not understand the mystery of church-splitting. You had better remember the tower of Babel. God dispersed the people because they wanted to make a city for themselves so that they may not scatter. He wanted them to fill the earth. And so when you complain, you may be complaining to that which is in the Lord’s control. Don’t call my God, satan for the reason that the church has split up.

The young man in the above devotion had to cover Amasa so that the troops could go to war. I also tend to agree that the ‘dead’ should be covered so that people are not distracted from their vision and goals. A driver cannot steer on the wheel when he drives while concentrating on the side mirror, since that would land him into a ditch!

The word of God cautions us against ‘touching the Lord’s anointed’ (1 Samuel 26:9) yet believers go ‘tearing’ other ministries and ministers with false information. Men speak ill of the other which shows lack of maturity and discipline. Before you stand and tell the congregation about the character of another minister which to you it doesn’t seem godly, take a breath and thank the Lord for making you a perfect minister for the same measure shall be given to you. Its time we all thanked the Lord when we see other ministries prospering. Don’t fight a fellow intercessor, musician, instrumentalist, pastor, bishop etc. pray for him, do not character assasinate him/her. As in anointing, the minister touches the anointing oil first, so as you bless others, the blessings start with you, and as you curse others, the curse starts with you since you cant smear me with dirt until you hold it with your hands first!

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