Summary: God watches as Jesus sceams out in pain. But he watches his son die. Why?



Most parents are proud of their children. Recently, Charity was on a trip with Gabrielle to West Virginia. On the trip Gabrielle said Apple. Charity called me immediately. You may not think that saying apple is a big deal. But it was to me. The reason this was important to me was because of my background. Growing up I had a speech impediment. During elementary school I had to visit with a speech therapist on a regular basis. I struggled with numerous words, but apple was the most difficult for me to say. I just could not get the word off of my tongue. So when Gabrielle said apple at such a young age I was completely impressed and proud. I was extremely worried that Gabrielle would suffer from speech problems that I had to overcome. My heart overflowed with pride as my little daughter surpassed her dad in life.

Most parents are extremely proud of their children. Any time a child succeeds in life is a moment of rejoicing. When your girl wins an award, scores the winning point, or just does her best and puts her mind to an activity we fill up with pride. Any father or mother who has watched their little boy throw a pass, catch a ball, win an award, or works hard in accomplishing goals is overjoyed. It is hard to imagine a father or mother not reaping the benefits of watching a child succeed in life. Watching a child grow up and develop is truly a pleasure in life.

In the beginning of the Gospel Luke and Matthew tell the story of the birth of Christ. God decides to send his only Son to earth to save it. In the scene we can picture Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms. She must be extremely proud of her child. God has chosen her from all the women in the world to be the mother of his son. This must be a overwhelming time in her life. She is holding the child of God. Mary must have felt tremendous pride for his boy. This is the boy that will save the world. This is the promised child of Israel. The nation has been watching for this child for hundreds of years. In this time there was a great expectation that the Messiah would be coming soon. People were watching for him. And Mary now knows he is here. I am sure every new mother holds her first child with a sense of pride beyond my ability to describe it. But I wonder if it was any different for the mother of the son of God.

Even though Mary surely was ready to burst with pride for her new son, there was another person even prouder. You might be thinking that it was Joseph. I am sure he is also proud, but there is another father even happier. This father is God. One cannot even imagine the pride in God himself over his son. God must be looking down on that Christmas Eve with a huge smile on his face. There his son is on earth in the form of a man. There was his boy.

God had to be watching his son grow up like his creation. Every father reaps the rewards of watching his kids develop. The Bible says that Jesus increased in status, wisdom, and knowledge, and favor with man. Jesus was progressing like every human does. We get a clear understanding of God’s pride in his Son at Jesus’ baptism. Look at the scene. “Then Jesus arrived from Galilee at the Jordan coming to John, to be baptized by him. But John tried to prevent Him, saying, "I have need to be baptized by You, and do You come to me?" But Jesus answering said to him, "Permit it at this time; for in this way it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness." Then he permitted Him. And after being baptized, Jesus went up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove, and coming upon Him, and behold, a voice out of the heavens, saying, "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased” (Matt. 3:13-17).

In fact God is so pleased with his Son that he announces it to the whole world. He wants everyone to know that this is his boy. That he is pleased with his development and upbringing. Jesus has impressed the father as he grew to maturity. Now Jesus is ready to enter his public ministry.

God was not any different from any other parent who loves their child. Recently, The Duren’s and I were traveling together to attend a visitation in Florence. We were having a great time talking about various topics. Well one of the topics was on Jacob a grandchild. Urma was telling me about some of the talented adventures of Jacob. Now Jacob is a cute and talented young man, but I could not help but think a selfish thought. It flashed in my head “Wait, we only have limited time together here, and I feel we should be talking about Gabrielle.” Everyone wants to brag on the children or grandchildren. The common joke of grandparents is correct. The best use of time is on your own grandchildren. God was not different. He truly loved his son.

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