Summary: Go the extra mile!

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Gen 24---Water for my camels

Secret to a long life-


1.Career Satisfaction

Look at pepole as you drive to work- you’ll know

if they’re satisfied

If you hate what your doing- you’re not doing what God wants you to do

“If loving your career means a long life, some of you might not make it through service.

Knowing you’re meant to do something – MEANS YOU’D DO IT FOR FREE

But your so good- people pay you to do it

I preach for free------All that junk between MON-SAT---I GET PAID FOR THAT

I heard a preacher preach on this---I thought it would really help us out

Top Ten Hardest Jobs –

1.Inner city HS Teacher



4.Traffic controller

5.Med intern

6.Stock broker


8.CS complaint



What about MOMS- Corporate CEO’s – 1 hour of mommying-

They’d be crying like a baby

Genesis 24:9-22

Notice Rebekah was willing to Go the 2nd mile

Camels Hold 40 galons of water each----LIGHT FLASHING EMPTY_EMPTY ON THOSE CAMELS

NOTICE ELEAZAR- Any of the women would have given HIM a drink

But the one He wanted for a wife for Isaac-


HE didn’t see what color she was-

where she went to church-

how she dressed-

Did she have a Hairbun - GOD released us from BUNDAGE

HE wanted someone who was willing to give more than was required

We live in a nation- FULL OF LAZY PEOPLE-


A designer for FORD- positioned the GAS TANK where if you hit it on the side- IT EXPLODES

THEY SET DOWN- Will it cost us more- to fix it- or Can we sell enough to cover the lawsuits

In the mind of a CHRISITAN- We should always God the extra mile


God wants Christians to be known- as people that aren’t afraid to GO a farther

MATTHEW 5:38-42

God always expects us to GIVE MORE than we’re expected to

When the world sees Christians today- They say, "They’re doing all that because they have to"

When you give more- they’ll wonder “WHY ARE THEY DOING THAT”

If we did- FIRST QUESTION on job applications-


If we Mention=Spritual Gifts- Power given to ordinary-extroidinary things

WE need power given to ordinary people- to do ordinary things

Don’t be so legalistic- We just a bunch of Pharisees

Give what we have to – Nothing more

They were the quintecentioal clock punchers

Jesus said- Your Righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees

Cant Give extra- Until you do what you’re suppose to

3. Extra blessing comes from extra effort

When you get the extra- not many people there- most have exited

Mark 4:24

Luke 6:38

Extra effort- leads to extra blessing

What if our married people did that

“ I don’t have to do that or this” “you do it yourself”

Lots guys that Male by Birth- You gotta be a man by Choice”

Lots of Girls female by birth- You have to be woman by Choice”

“THAT’S NOT MY JOB”- iF you work here, It’s your JOB

plumber-carpenter-vacuumer-lifter- Trash picker upper

IF you live like that- that’s what you will receive

If your not a giver- you’re not a reciever

I don’t feel sorry for them- YOU GOTTA SOW TO REAP

Rebekah gave more than was expected-

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David Boyd

commented on Dec 21, 2015

Perhaps credit should go to Max Lucado for his more detailed version of this story?

David Boyd

commented on Dec 21, 2015

Perhaps credit should go to Max Lucado for his more detailed version of this story?

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